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Flower Parade

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Hi Jan I know, and I love it that you know. You become a Dutch expert. Oh you just have to come over.


Valkenswaard is correct. Every year, on the second Sunday of September, the ?Stichting Bloemencorso Valkenswaard? (Foundation Flower parade Valkenswaard) organizes the annual Flower Parade.


Thanks Graciela, Robbie, Jan, Maria, Suzy and Patti. Jan I have been on that site too but I just can't find it. The place where I found the photo says Valkenswaard, but maybe that is wrong. I just don't know. Today I posted something complete else but tomorrow I go back to normal.


Wonderful! Thanks, Ank!


Thanks BJ, I was looking for this particular float, I went on loads of sites but cannot find it.


Everyone loves a parade!


Just lovely!

No idea when but many site for this parade.


Really gorgeous Ank. I have googled for half an hour and cannot find this one. Thanks.


Beautiful Ank! keep them coming!!


Hi Girls, I'm sorry I did try to find it, the only thing I know it the Flower Parade Valkenswaard, but I don't know which year or what it means to say. I can't find it.

I have a problem with my computer, I can use Henks now for some time. Mine does not want anymore. The video card is broken. Henk will try to fix it. But I don't know when it's ok. Maybe I have to buy a new one. We'll see. I'm very happy that I have good back ups. So I did not lose a thing. I will post my puzzles every day, but maybe I can't be often online. Just wait and see.


Well that is a relief. I feared I would be the only one to be bewildered by this!


It does seem to be related to Autumn, with the colorful leaves, mums and the caterpillar . . . .


In the thumbnail, I thought it was a group of big, decorated gingerbread cookies. After the solve, I have no clue at all. But, it is very bright and cheerful! Thanks, Ank!


I hope someone will know what this is all about. It's trying to send a message. Thanks, Ank. It's beautiful anyway.


We are mystified too, those Greek "karyatides" walking along the float, why are they mourning? It's very impressing indeed, and there is some drama hidden somewhere!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Hi Lorna, Sorry I don't know. Maybe someone who knows more about it will give a comment.


I am not so sure about this one. It is more abstract I suppose, and I guess it represents winter with all the white being snow?