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Posing and Singing

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This little one was singing away up in the tree, was looking at the clouds and the geese going by


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Thank you PG :)


Great shot of that singing little fellow Celeste.


Thank you PLG, Chickie and Jack
Jack glad your back :)


beautful cel.


Beautiful shot Celeste!


(Glad you're feeling better now!)


That is awesome LJ, I can imagine your friend stopping by got your mind off of the numbers..:) Hope you had fun,
Thank you Petsmom :)
Thanks Gnt. smiles warmly :)


great photo Celeste a robin wow none around here yet in fact havn't seen any birds around here..glad to hear U are on the mend celeste makes me feel happy for U....Take care my friend

Beautiful pic. Thanks for telling us about it.


Glad to hear you are on the mend, Cel. Nice little robin! What a beautiful day. I was holed up in my room woking on my taxes and other financial stuff. Then a friend who I haven't seen in a long time popped in on me because she's in town for a few days. It was sooo great! So, the sunny day pretty much passed me by.


PLG I am amazed at how many birds we got about here.. I was seeing Robins all over.. hearing the Cardinals chirping, sparrows, a few of the red winged black birds.. They are all about and we are still getting snow. It has snowed and flurried all day for a few days and then had a break today and some sun. Feeling a bit better I was able to get out and about and do a few shots


Yay! I can't wait to see one! Thanks, Celeste!