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On March 22 in 1982 Congress declared an International Day of the Seal to draw attention to the cruelty of seal huts and the virtual inevitability of these creatures' extinction. Zoos and aquariums around the world observe this day with special programs and activities.

These marine mammals are related to sea lions and walrus and their babies are called pups. Most seals live in Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, eat fish and are prey to sharks, polar bears, orca whales and humans. Humans often hunt seals for their meat, oil, and pelts.

Harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) inhabit coastal waters, beaches, rocky shores and mouths of rivers. Also known as common seals, they may remain at sea for several days and travel great distances in search of feeding grounds, but tend to return to familiar resting areas along rocky shorelines. Their diet consists of fish and squid, and they generally eat about five percent of their body weight daily-roughly 10 pounds. In addition to entanglement in fishing gear, harbour seals are also threatened by pollution and reprisal killings for damage done to fisheries.

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I thought that was the case whatnauts, I suspect people use the Eskimo and Inuit as scapegoats !

I agree Hanne... of course they must eat!

Definitely Pat!

LOL - Magda, you always make me laugh... in a good way!!!


Re: Avatar. That old woman got too loud mouthed by far, so had to kill her!


Great puzzle .. thanks mandy ..and we can celebrate the seals


But seals must eat as well as we must, Mandy!! I don't think the fish I eat like me very much either!!


If it was just the Eskimos hunting the seals, I think it would be more understandable. But the Inuit account for very little of the Canadian seal hunt.


Thanks Ardy - I agree that humans are their biggest threat - I'm pleased you're enjoying the preview - I'm finding it harder to post at my usual times.. in fact today I wasn't able to post the other puzzles at all, and by the time I got home it was much too late!! Thankfully they'll keep for another day!

Thanks Barb, Canada does seem to get a bad press re seals... possibly because Eskimos rely on them for food? Glad you enjoyed the preview :~)

My daughter collected pandas, and stil have lots... so I fully understand your nephew Jan!! I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle, thanks!

You are right Magda... humans have not done a good job of guarding the world, its animals and its natural assets are being damaged and destroyed through mans greed. Have you changed your avatar again... the new one is lovely and bright and cheery!!

Yes Hanne, they are so carefree when they are playing and swimming - and so beautiful to watch... I don't suppose the fish they catch think so though!!

It is a real problem Edie, and I don't know what the solution is... only increasing public awareness will eventually cause change... I hope!!

Goodness granngoatlady - I didn't see that - it's a terribly indictment on men (and women). I can't imagine why anyone would want to do such things.

Oh Hester, that is so funny, but I can't imagine what your adrenaline levels must have shot to when you first saw that shape!! Glad you enjoyed the puzzle!

Thanks Sissel they are wonderful :~)

I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle, gemstone... and like you I hoped that those people were caught and punished.

You are right Wendy, I too hope that people will one day grow to appreciate the importance of the creatures that we share this planet with... I am sure that upsetting the ecological balance will do irrepairable harm, no just to the animals, but also to humans.

Rosie, thanks for persevering with trying to post a message, I wonder why it kept not working. Your appreciation is very welcome, thanks :~)

Thanks PJ, I'm pleased you enjoyed the images and the info :~))


Oh Mandy - wonderfully cute images and very fine info.


This is the third message I've typed and tried to post. So I'll just say thank you and do the puzzle. Rosie


Thank you, Mandy. I hope someday that all people realize how much more human mammals are than most people realize now. Anyone who has watched good videos of elephants knows that they have many of the emotions that people have. My guess is that it's the same for seals. We just don't many things.


Great pics, Mandy and a great tribute to a very important day. Thank you. :)))

Right 2/7...greed diminishes the fisheries and seal pups pay the price. Protests and pictures don't work nearly as well as foreign countries prohibiting the import of all seal products...more power to them.

ggl...WHY??? I hope they were caught...and even more that their pictures and names were published...and that they received at least some shame for what they'd done.


Beautiful animals - thanks :-)


When I was a teenager Mandy, I was swimming in Strangford Lough , N.Ireland. I saw this long shape swimming close by and my first thought was, shark!! I must have equalled the Olympic 100m time in getting to shore. Then I saw a group of seals on a tiny drowned drumlin island a short way off. I'll swear they were laughing at me!! ;-)
Thanks for this great, instructive puzzle! :-)


You may have seen in the news the San Diego seal beach was closed by the Mayor after several women were caught on Seal Cam battering mother and baby seals in January.......And the La Jolla Children's Pool has since been closed due to several men harassing the seals....Sorta makes you wonder who the real "animal" is


I'm afraid that even with the many protests over the years the seal hunt still exists in Canada. Protests are planned all over the country on this day and they have succeeded in reducing the number of pups killed each year. I think the fishing industry is largely behind the continued hunting because the seals are their main competition for the the decreasing number of fish. Fisherman blame this on the seals but overfishing is probably a bigger problem. Thanks for bringing awareness of this issue to the forefront Mandy.


Watching seals is so very funny, they are such incredible personalities and they look so happy and carefree. Of course I've only seen them where they live in peace with humans, it might be different in other places!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Ardy is right, humans are the biggest threat to all animals and nature in general. But then, if there were no humans, where would we be???


My nephew collected stuffed animals of seals, especially the Harp Seal. It has the most appealing face. He still has some of them at the age of 24 and married!
Sea Lions are ubiquitous in Oregon.
Thanks for the history and the fun puzzle, Mandy!


Thanks for this puzzle and its history, Mandy. We here in Canada have long seen headlines about the cruelty of the seal hunts in our part of the world. :-(
Appreciate the preview, thanks.


They look so sweet. I do think humans are their biggest threat. Thanks for all the information and the wonderful pictures you found for your puzzle today (Friday). Thanks for putting up this preview.
I like it early in my day. Then I can properly celebrate. This is all really appreciated, Mandy