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Pattern from a book called Trianglepoint. My color choices, I put this cushion out for Christmas.


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This is gorgeous......I love your needlework.

petslave this is a picture of the finished quilt, a portion of it. I posted this on my "other" jigidi profile SewAndSew. My quilt is more of a scrappy type, using a variety of fabrics. I love the pattern. very easy to do. Never tried to do it in embroidery though. That would be tough and very time consuming for me.


I make quilts and made a queen size for my bed with that pattern, in quilt books it's called "Flat Iron" among other names.

My gosh that was hard for me, but still fun. Thank you for all the beautiful puzzles you create. So much talent too.


It's an old book called Trianglepoint by Sherlee Lantz and was published in 1976.

I makes quilts and wonder where I can find the pattern? What book was it?