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Goofy Flowers

77 pieces
225 solves
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That has got to be the cutest Easter bunny I've EVER seen. Thanks so much, Hester. It was the most wonderful way to start my day. :-)


Hi Wendy, Growly has left an Easter puzzle for you over at my place. :-))


Willy, not all my puzzles can be easy. ;-)

Edie, don't let Willy see this- I'm glad you found this stress free and fun. LOL

PJ, so glad you had fun. :-)

Mariasha, whatnauts admitted her weirdness on another puzzle of mine, and because you two remind me so much of one another...don't ask me why because I don't know....I think Goofy Flowers is a good name for you. I'll probably continue to call you Mariasha though. LOL

Pat, they can survive anything!

Hester, I believe that Growly took your car out for a spin and ended up driving right over my flower bed.

Magda, I'm glad. I thought everyone loved Goofy Flowers. :-)

Thank you, Mandy. I just took a break to respond to comments, but what I was doing before this break was making you your planters. Hopefully I'll have them done by tomorrow.

Thank you, dear whatnauts. :-)


Fun flowers, as usual. Thanks, Wendy.


Wendy your flowers are always fabulous, goofy or not!! These are particularly lovely :~))


I love goofy flowers. I did not know it before, but now I do. Thanks so much Wendy.


I think they've been squished by late snow and wild winds! Bless 'em, they're still hanging in there! :-))


Love the goofy flowers--they must be punch-drunk from trying to survive this spring! Thanks, Wendy! (5:41).

I think I might change my name to "Goofy Flowers" sort of fits Wendy.


Wendy - great fun to solve - and to look at. Did Goofy inspire you?? Oh, well - you've got lots of artistic imagaination yourself :-)))


Goofy was fun and stress free. Thanks Wendy


I solve the puzzle you have put today; 7:32.
Not so easy but still a fun puzzle,