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Paperwhite kiss

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My 92-year-old mom


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That is probably true, Kara. She wanted OUT enough to make those changes at a young age. Good for her. A courageous woman! Yes, I still carry many of the scars, but my first dog, Tigger (the one in my avatar) really started the healing in my heart and soul. I was repeatedly told, "You're ugly, you're stipid, you'll never have any friends and never amount to anything." I knew I wasn't stupid, but as for the rest, Tigger taught me to dream, make friends, become a teacher and writer for international dog magazines aand become comfortable with people from all walks of life. He was the best teacher I could have had.....


That's so sad, PutterDutt. She must have had some serious mental and/or emotional problems. I really hope you've been able to realize that they were HER problems, and not yours, although they have obviously left some deep scars. I'm happy at least that you were able to find another loving heart to fill that void. Actually your relationship with your mother sounds an awful lot like my mother's relationship with HER mother - probably why she married at 17 and moved across the country. :-)


No. I tried my whole life with her to get her to love me, but she wouldn't. It's hard when your MOTHER, who is supposed to love you, just won't. I sort of backed into getting an unofficially "adopted" mother in the wonderful woman who bred my beloved Putter, but lost her a year ago. I'm so glad that you and your mother love each other.....


We have a wonderful relationship. She's the repository of our family wisdom, and I dread the day I can no longer plumb the depths of her astonishing memory. It sounds like you and your mother had some issues, and I'm sorry about that - my relationship with my mom hasn't always been as good as it is now, but I'm so grateful to still have her in my life.


I was thinking that her smiles have been well-used. Bless her for her delight in a simple thing. Treasure her, as I'm sure you do. She looks like a hugger. How I wish my mother had been like your mother...


She is precious, PutterDutt, and apparently that paperwhite blossom knows it! It slowly bent down until it was right in her face. :-)


Thanks for sharing her with us!

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