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Good morning Thought

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Pilley I know what you mean... I try now to work only 2 days a week. But then I bring things home to work on... This is my busy month. All the taxes have to be done.. I retired in 2001 but then went to work for myself. I keep saying that was dumb... but it's not like working for someone else.. You probably know I'm in central Ohio .. The weather has been pretty good until last night it started getting cold again.


I am in Blackfoot, Idaho, USA; SE corner of the state; some of the surrounding area got to -35*F last night but should be a little warmer tonight with light snow. 100 miles north of here in Island Park, Id ~ years ago ~ set the record for coldest point in the 48 states with a -62*F. We are use to snow and cold and now I am retired I do not even have to go out unless I want to, life is great.


Glad you got it Jan...thanks for playing along
pilley you are so funny.. may I ask where you are??
Mimi that's funny.... if that's the case I'm really in bad shape ...I had six children
Maria just what are we going to do with her....


Ha,Ha! Mimi you are funny!! :)))


I'm with Pilley. I figure it this way, I had 4 children, each one took a fifth of my brain so I only have a tiny bit left for me! O dear..............


These are so much more fun to come into late, after others have solved the question and I do not have to think. -15*F with snow, so slept in.


There are seven of you. You are female with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. So he has 2 brothers and 4 sisters.
...Now to check other comments. This was fun. Thanks Pat.


I actually arrived at the same answer. First one I've gotten in ages! Thanks Pat!


Good morning Morris Do you have to work today


Good Morning, Pat!!


It sure looks like everything is looking up for the family. sending lots of hugs so they can accomplish it all. see you tomorrow. xoxoxo


Kirsten she sure was bound to solve it wasn't she.....
Grandmalucy all you have to do is stop and think.... It went really well the GD got a new position with the bank when she transfers in a week. She has to get licenses for all kinds of things.. She will be dealing with the stocks .. mortgages... insurance.. and etc.. She has a folder about 2 inches thick to study.. and takes her test Feb 16.. She told me it wouldn't be bad but this is on top of her college classes which she can do all online now. Her beau is a Cardio Transfusionist .. He runs the machine that takes the blood and bypasses the heart during heart surgery.. I hope I said that right... He just needs one more year of schooling to become a doctor... I will take their picture off face book and post it for you .... But being last thurs was the hubby's birthday we also celebrated that also. Haven't been out there since I got the new camera so I was taking pictures of everything... some of them I will use as background on puzzle like this....


Good morning Ardy that one was just a little blurry so used it for backgound.. I took it from the car while going slow... Next time will stop and take a good one.. It is not far from my house... Hugs
See KateEE you can do it.... I thought this one was an easy one .. Of course I had the answer too...


Good morning PAT ,,, these are so frustrating to me but i think KateEE might just be right.
How did your visit go yesterday???


Top of the class I reckon, KateEE!! That's got to be it. Well done. :)))


Ok, think I've got it. There are 7 in all, 3 brothers & 4 sisters. "I" is female, a sister, so she has 3 brothers & 3 sisters. Each brother has 2 other brothers but 4 sisters. Is that it?
It's snowing here, temp just above freezing - think I'll stay in today.


Good morning, Pat. My answer is: too many. Love the background picture. too bad those words keep getting in the way of seeing it better. LOL :-))) Hugs.


Now everybody gather the grey matter cells together.
Good morning Katie keep on working you will figure it our..
Good morning Kirsten just work a little harder and you will come up with it....
Good morning Jim that's just what it is... Back to the drawing board......


Good Morning, Pat! A thought provoker! I might have to check my math. I got 305!


Morning Pat! I'm with KateEE, other than the small problem of that "s" on the brothers. I'll just have to wait and see I think. :)))


I'm guessing there are 3. If "I" in the puzzle is female, she has one sister & one brother, but her brother has 2 sisters. But the puzzle mentions brothers, ie a plural .....
No that won't work, cos then her brother has NO brothers ...
I give up ... must have more coffee :-)


Good night Chookies. I know just what you mean.... Nice to see you..


Goodnight, pkin, I'll wait until someone smart works this one out - I have a brain-drain this time of night!!! Goodnight! LOL