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Gunnar Widforss--Sun Washed Trees (California)

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"In the 19th century, Gunnar Widforss’ paintings of national parks were called 'the finest to have come out of the West.' These watercolor paintings remain highly sought-after masterpieces from a time when public awareness of parks depended entirely on artistic representations."


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I love the title!


Interesting. Thanks Nev!


From the Christopher Queen Galleries site:-

Gunnar Widforss

(1879-1934) Born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1879. Widforss studied to be a muralist at the Royal Technical Institute in Stockholm from 1896-1900. While in his native land, he was well known with sales to European royalty. A world traveler, on his way to the Orient in 1920 he visited San Francisco and opted to remain. He painted along the Monterey coast for a while before deciding to specialize in scenery of the national parks. His work was inspired by the Bryce, Zion, and Yellowstone canyons as well as Yosemite and Crater Lake. Widforss illustrated the book Songs of Yosemite (1923), and his work was widely reproduced on postcards and covers of national magazines. He is best known for his watercolors of the Grand Canyon where a prominent spot is named for him. He maintained a studio there on the rim until his sudden death on November 30, 1934. Partly due to the Depression, his works were unappreciated and sold for very little money during his lifetime. Living alone and in near poverty, he was a prolific painter of western landscapes. Works held: National Museum of American Art, Washington , D.C.; Yosemite National Park Museum; Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite; Museum of Northern Arizona; Exhibited: Paris Salon, 1912; California Watercolor Society, 1928; Gump's, 1929; California State Fair, 1930; Museum of Northern Arizona, 1969.

Thanks, Gayle. A watercolour of intricate detail - superb.


Thank you for introducing Gunnar Widforss and his legacy. We are both born and raised in Sweden and because of his name I looked him up and learned the north trail at Grand Canyon is named after him and I live not too far from there. Indeed a good article and he died at the same age as my father, way too soon. ❤️❤️


I started writing down my memories from childhood so they might someday have them to look back at and be amazed at how different life was for me as a child.


Oh, right, Judy. I guess each generation says something similar for those that follow.


And how much more so, our children.


Funny you thought that, Bill. I thought the exact same thing and finally found the title later. And yes, you can say it again about it being a watercolor.

We're spoiled, Judy.


I agree. This again, looks like a photograph.


And I'll say it again: it's hard to believe these are watercolors!


Interesting that these were how people knew what the parks looked like. We've grown up in a world of photography.


At first, I was wondering why this looked so washed out. Then I read the title. Sun Washed Trees--duh! Wisforss is quite a master at these natural settings, isn't he? They look so real. I'm really enjoying getting to know him, Gayle. Thanks for the introduction!