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More This and That...... (S)...

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Just had to deal with a husband who doesn't appreciate casinos, Sally. He says to drive by and throw the money in the door - hard to do on a ship. :) House, car and Bandit are safe.


Good job at the Bingo.... Cruise ship slots are usually pretty tight... As long as you had fun... It's just another entertainment expense.... Unless of course you sold the house, car and Bandit to cover your losses.... LOL :) :)


PJ, glad you enjoyed it... This are fun to create... Takk.... :) :)

Won $200.00 at Bingo and that didn't cover my losses in the casino. :)


Sally - a gorgeous puzzle, so neatly composed and so enjoyable.


Thanks, Pat... I see you haven't lost any speed in solving.... Did you do any gambling on your cruise... I think most of them have casinos now... :) :)

I like "that" so all is well. Also like the little silver satellites and the bubbles at the bottom.


Drats... I thought "that" would be more to your liking.... :) :)


Thanks, Shirley... Glad you had fun with it.... We're roasting here... Hope it's cooler in your part of this wonderful country.... Cricket tonight... T20... West Indies.... Good fun.... :) :)


I particularly liked the "this."


A bit of this and a bit of that, all adds up to a fun puzzle, Thanks sally. :):)