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Baby robins

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Discovered this nest last week with 3 eggs in it. Yesterday this is what I found.


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I'm glad I no long eat at McDonalds Marilyn or I'd forever have that image in my mind :-)))


They look a little bit like moldy chicken McNuggets. Don't ask how I know but I raised three children...enough said. I hope the unlucky pair of robins are finally lucky.


Thanks Kathy. I don't know how to make puzzles so all I can do is share what's around me :-))


Amazing! I've been rather scarce on Jigidi recently, you've posted lots of great ones!!


Their eyes are the ugliest feature Gail. Large dark pebbles and you can only catch a glimpse of one on this picture. They really are quite grotesque.


I haven't even checked them today Rosie. We had quite a storm yesterday with pounding rain and branches down everywhere. Who knows if they even survived.


Faces only a mother could love.


They really are the ugliest little things around. I sure hope something miraculous happens over the next two weeks to improve their chances in the bird kingdom.


Your welcome Raini and Ardy. The eggs were blue so they have to be robins Raini but they are ugly little things right now. Hopefully by next week they'll have some clothes on. I hope that too Ardy :-))


Success at last, perhaps. Hope nothing happens to these. Thank for sharing, Edie.


Holy mac ~ I would never have guessed robins. Thanks for posting this Edie.


Thanks everyone. All I can say is that I'm glad my chicks don't hatch looking like this. I'm wondering if it's the same ill fated pair who finally succeeded. The nest is in line with the one that fell out of the tree but about 100 ft. down in the chicken area.


What a sweet and unusual shot. Thanks so much, Edie.


Someone else posted some baby robins awhile back (perhaps Laura) so I knew what to expect when I saw the title. Glad the eggs didn't suffer the same fate as the last lot, Edie. Would love to see an update when they look a little more like robins (lol). :-))


I'm glad you told us what they are Edie!


Good thing they don't stay this ugly for long! :D


Delightful find................