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Awww, drats. I missed you yesterday Star. :((( I have been a little unwell over the last few days. Nothing serious, just a nasty tummy bug. But I'm on the improve now, and trying to catch up on 2 days worth of puzzles!! Jeez, I'll need all my strength for that!! LOL.

This was such a lovely one Star. I specially like the top left corner. Such sweet colours!! It made me regretful that I no longer have the time to do the big ones. Ah well. I can still enjoy your beauties in this size. Thanks so much for this one Star, and it's lovely to see a posting from you. :)))


Thank you all so very much. The fact that you enjoy them is so awesome, and the fact that you take time to comment and say such nice things is really wonderful. I thank you so very much.

And thank you Ardy for your prayers, they are so much appreciated. My mom is recovering from the flu and is starting to look and feel much better. My sister will be having another scan in a couple of weeks time and we're praying for good results. xx


Star - your kaleidos are wonderful. I've missed them. These are beautiful. Thanks so much!


Star, You make the most beautiful kaleidos of anybody. Thank you so much. Hope it's been a good week and that you are doing well. You and your mother and sister are in my prayers.

Beautiful Star, thank you so much.