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Good Morning Thought

12 pieces
55 solves
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Back ground picture ... took at 6:10 am yesterday with the night landscape setting on the camera... No flash


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Thanks Celeste it is different...


Love the picture :) Pkin


Good afternoon Punkin .. aren't you glad you didn't have to get that pencil and paper out... thanks for stopping by great to see you...
Good afternoon lindaisling ... thanks good to see you too ...
Good afternoon Lorna see you didn't have to use any brain cells either... Ha Ha .. Great to see you and the star is very fitting...
Good afternoon Gene you are very correct ...good job... have a great day..


I think I have the answer Pat ..... 47+53+59+61=220 LOL Maybe I am right ROFL :))))))))))))


Fantastic photo Pat. I am glad the answer has already been given...!


Terrific photo.


Super shot. And a fine puzzle within a puzzle! Well done solving it Laura. I was about to get out my pencil and paper...but then saw you had the answer :)


Good morning Fran .. that is a neat setting. But it is best to use a tripod as it keeps the shutter open longer and is hard to hold the camera still. Great to see you ...


Good morning, Pat. Oooh, do like that setting on your camera - good photo. Thanks.


Good morning KateEE that LauraM sure saved a lot of brain cells this morning didn't she.... Great to see you ...Hope things are going well ... Hugs


Thanks Laura. My answer to the question was going to be 'no'!!!


Good morning Ardy ...Of course you can save your brain cells today... Thanks for stopping in....


Good morning, Pat. Lovely cold photo. Of course I can find the numbers - just read Laura's comment and it's no strain at all. Thanks, Pat. Hugs. Stay warm.


Good morning Sir Wizard Starlord... Your brain can have today off .... :~)))


My brain is taking the day off :-)


Thanks LauraM...


To all: puzzeljac got it darned fast too. She just emailed it to Patti instead of posting here.

jcarroll: Very good Abba song redux. lol


Good morning Jim ... It could have been ... you are so funny this morning....


Good morning, Pat.
Beautiful photo!
And thanks, Laura, you saved me a whole lot of work this morning! It could have been a repeat of yesterday: "Mamma Mia, Here we go again. My, my, how could I solve this one? Oh Oh Oh, Mamma Mia." An ABBA song, sort of.


Good morning Mandy ... LauraM is a fast one.... Have a great day ....


Good Morning Pat - I a so glad this one has been answered - it is the type of puzzle that would have frustrated me to I don't know where... possible to solve, but time consuming in the extreme to try to work it out!!! Thanks :~)))


Good morning Sis got the e-mail you are correct...

Good morning Lucy oh dear just work on it....
Good morning LauraM ..You know I have a grandmother and granddaughter names Laura..
Congrats on the computer engineer..


I love the photo, Patti. Thanks.
As for the math question, yes, I have the answer. 47+53+59+61=220. I was always good at math. Had to be. First to make my father happy. :)) Then to succeed as a computer engineer.


This one is not going be answered by me, sorry, good morning Pat. we were spared that storm. It passed below us.....


Good morning dear, a beautiful photo, with snow. Where is the Spring? The question is a simple one, i will mail it to you, because it's much to early. Have a beautiful day. Hugs