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Cute Tin Tea Sets!! ~ Mariasha and Jan`s Favourite

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Oh, yay! You found it! I'm so glad. And yes, this was the only tin tea set I found in a gold colour, not silver. It kaleido'd up nicely though. And I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)))

OOOh golden periwinkle beauty...thanks Kirsten.


Thanks Pat!! :)))


I like the way you've kind of combined Ardy and Dagmar's stories there, Mandy! These are actually children's tin tea sets. They were such fun to kaleido. And I'm really glad you enjoyed them. :)))


Gorgeous ..!!!


Lovely, I see tiny little dolls wrapped in folded golden hearts. Thanks


Aww - I like your take on it Dagmar. :)))


Tiny little golden hearts and lovely blues. :))


It's OK, Hester! Jan and Mariasha had your back covered! LOL :))


So, I'm thinking that there isn't a career for me as a hairdresser then, Ardy? LOL

And thank you for worrying, but I'll be fine. I have my mobile phone, if I needed to call anyone, but I'm sure there won't be a need. It seems very quiet here, with the worst of it being a slow build-up of what they call "schoolies' here - the year 10, 11 and 12 kids celebrating their end of school year. But the place I'm staying at makes it very clear they won't take schoolies. Yay!! And there are many permanent residents, not just holiday rentals. So I'm all good. But it's sweet of you to worry. Thank you and loving thoughts back. ((HUGS))


I don't know where I was when this came out first time round, but it has my vote as prettiest of the pretty ones! :-)


Interesting women standing around the outer edge. They have the most elaborate hairdo - very high and pointed at the top) with a bow on top that looks like the tines of a pitchfork!!! Another delightful single. Thanks, Kirsten.

When I kept coming back to your profile and there was nothing new here my Mother Hen instincts kicked in and I started wondering if you were all right. I am a teeny bit concerned because you are alone there. I think alone times are great - my normal condition - but away from home it's different somehow. So glad all is well. Loving thoughts are with you always. ((HUGS))


Oh, my TICA! It's 3:45 am there!! You'll be turning into a pumpkin soon. I don't know how you do it, I could never go to bed that late, and operate normally the next day. And there's no need to wish me a good holiday!! it's a forgone conclusion!! But thanks anyway. Nighty night. Sleep well. See ya tomorrow. :)))


No way it's unintentional! I'm not easily impressed with humor. You are one funny person! Keep it coming...I 'm waiting...but the waiting for me will have to wait until my tomorrow...way late and way past the time I should have been in bed. Have a good evening in your time, and keep on enjoying your vacation!


Really? I can tell you that it's completely unintentional! You should meet my partner. Now he's funny!


Damn, are funny! LOLOLOL


Jeez! Slapped on one cheek - and kissed on the other!! LOL


Again, another conspiracy created by BRAT!!! LOL Nice one, Kirsten!