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splendid fairywren - for foxymoron

60 pieces
65 solves
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We could probably see a gnat's eyelash with it! If a gnat has eye lashes, that is :-)
Thanks in advance for the next wren.


Aaawww ... I'm so glad you liked it. I actually found another picture, first, that I was going to use .. then I did another search & found this one. I agree about the little feathers! Wonder what the lens on THAT camera looks like. LOL
I will post the other one soon.


Let me add more thanks now that I've solved it, MJ. You found an exceptionally good photograph. Even the tiniest of feathers can be seen crisply and clearly around the yes. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks again.


Thank you! What happy memories you brought back for me. I used to feed these little ones when we lived on a farm - they would perch on one of my fingers and eat from the palm of my hand. They could tell the time fairly well - if I was a little late with their food they'd perch on the outside table and chairs and twitter away until I came out to feed them! They seemed to have a mischievous twinkle in their eyes :-)