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The Old Kopu Bridge [1912-?] there are some who want to pull this lovely old bridge down.

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Hi Mgbeheler,

I have just Googled the Silver Bridge you have mentioned.What a sad thing to happen and so close to Christmas as well. We have had a similer event here, it was Christmas Eve 1953, a train crossing the Tangiwai Bridge, en route to Wellington was derailed and plunged into the Whangaehu River. There was a lehar from Mt Ruapehu, no-one knew that it would empty into the river and cause the bridge to collapse 151 people lost their lives out of the 285 passengers and crew. Google 'Tangiwai' and you will see the whole story.


Thanks for all your comments and Hi June!

The problem is that some people cannot see the need to maiontain something which is an icon in the area, they look at the opst of upkeep for the bridge. other people think that money should not be the issue and they angry that so many things of importance are being demolished.

The Council, well it wants to save as much money as it can, and fair enough. I understand that, I actually see everyone position. But I come down on keeping the bridge, it not dangerous and I think will become more of an icon as the years pass. But!! I'm not the one paying for its upkeep.

The bridge I am referring to was called the Silver Bridge. If you Google Silver Bridge Disaster, you'll find many, many, stories and images of its collapse. This is just one:

I live where a lovely old bridge collapsed, and killed many people. The question is, is it still safe? If not, is it fixable? If it is going to kill a lot of your neighbors someday, take lots of pictures, then throw a demolition party!


as long as it is in good condition I can't imagine why they would pull it down. 'Ain't broke don't fix it