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A backyard pool

30 pieces
232 solves
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It's gorgeous, Jim! I'd swim there in a heartbeat. But, where is the elevator to get back to the top? LOL
I love this place!


Where is this guys buddy? No, I wouldn't want to swim there, either.


I like it! I think the spookiness is due to the overhanging plants and the rocks overhanging the water. But, the water is clear, so it looks like a man made pool; it's not murky, dark, opaque water. I find the ocean, hot springs, and lakes more threatening than this because one cannot see what's under the water.


Is this for real? Does this place actually exists? Or is it some sort of trick photography? It's beautiful and yet at the same time ...spooky......


Yikes! For some reason this strikes me as a very, very creepy place.

great swimming hole.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!