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C's And O's (Smaller)

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I'm laughing out loud at myself. Yes, I wanted to add my time because I didn't make the board! Now, if I would just take the time to read my own comments! mea culpa! Here it is as it should have been!

It reminds me of those fat colorful toys you give to small children.....a car or airplane even. I know, that is nutty, but it sure looks like one to me! LOL Thanks, Pat. It was fun!!


Actually, we were always able to remove our comments, and the word "remove" was there, just not in red, I think, so it might not have been as noticeable. But it was there, because I mistakenly copied/pasted it myself long ago, along with my name and the time I had posted the original comment! Fortunately, because there was so much that obviously didn't belong, I noticed it right away, and so I could remove it before anyone else saw it. :-)))

Thanks so much for your compliment, Rosie! I have several people whose puzzles are always part of my day, too, or it doesn't feel complete! :-)))


I always have to do at least one of your puzzles every day or I have an incomplete day--yours, Jiggy's, Barbara's, Gails', etc,etc.etc. I have lots bookmarked and do extra ones when I need a good, squishy toy feeling. Thanks for your wonderful fantasy puzzles. And the remove is a new thing the guys added when they last updated the site---which was just before I joined the group this last Dec. so it shows up on every comment I leave.


Oooooops, now I posted the comment before finishing it! Perfect! LOL!!! Thanks,,Jan, Ardy, and Katie--I consider every day a good excuse for insanity, so I get to celebrate all the time! I just spent several hours with Timmy, and he has lots of toys that look like this--colorful and confusing to someone who grew up with dolls and blocks and a quacking duck pull toy...! :-)))


Oh, Jan, I'll bet you posted a comment, then saw something to correct or change, and so copied and pasted that comment to fix it. Either that, or you let your real feelings slip, with your request to "remove" this!!! LOL!


This great mix of colors made for a lot of fun! Thanks Pat!


If you had visited Mandy's site today you would know it is Temporary Insanity Day. So nutty is right in order. Thanks, Pat. This was fun.


Ooops! LOL! I do sometimes like to use a cryptic title, but then I always try to explain it, because I know how frustrated I get when I don't understand something! Thanks, Edie! :-)))


I'm glad you explained that Pat because for the life of me I couldn't see the 'C's' . Ovals and circles I can see so I'm not totally out of touch yet. Even though sometimes it feels that way. Thanks for this little 'pick me up'.


Thanks, Mandy and Barb! OCD is my middle name/initials! LOL! (The title refers to ovals and circles, but I like your interpretation better.....!). I'm glad you liked it, and tomorrow I'll try to remember to post a "real" swirl to start off the day! :-)))


I agree with Mandy ... it just wouldn't be a complete day without a Pat puzzle, whether it be ovals, swirls or whatever. LOL Thanks for another fun puzzle, Pat. :-)


I think it's more O C D where I'm sitting... certainly in my life, if no-one else's. Thanks Pat, I keep bookmarking your puzzles, and plan to have a Pat's Puzzles Party one day soon!