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Daffodils Just Itching to Bloom

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Yes, they are daffs, Nana.
I hope winter isn't over yet, PG. A long, cold winter makes spring that much sweeter.
It is going to get cold again, Graci, so they may have to go back to bed.


They are really itching to come out! I hope nothing stops them!


The first sign of spring but that does not mean winter is over.


They look like daffodils to me, too. I have several neighbors who have some and theirs are blooming. Great photo, laurajane!


Ha ha, fodus! Let me know if you have some coming up,


I should go out and see if my daffodils are coming up next to the house. They are very old. They seem to get smaller every year. Pretty soon they will be miniatures!


Yes, pumpkin, shorts and tanks. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. No buds, morris.


Hocus Pocus, what happened tu the crocus? I think so, pumpkin!

Great shot of the narcosis, laura! I don't see any buds though.

pumpkinhead don't have snow on the ground? When we come through in mid-March should we wear SHORTS????


My friend whose daffodils these are, told me they were crocus...but what does he know?
Anyway, lyndee, I shouted at them to go back to sleep, but did they listen?
Ank, can you post a picture of your indoor daffs?
Cel, maybe you should post yours, too!
Not long at all, gnt. We must be patient. Arrgghhhh!


wont be long and they will shot up fast


Giggles LJ Mine are about that big too. Even the Lillies are about the same height


Don't they know it's only February????? Tell them to get their little heads back into the ground! It's too early!!!!!


Hi Laura, they sure are daffodils. I have them too. In bloom......... but in a pot, inside. :-) They are so lovely.


I changed the title to daffodils. Thanks, riveroad and chickie!


I am pretty sure they are daffodils or jonquils.


Here they come ready or not. Nice clear shot laura!


You know, I thought the same thing. This is at a friend's house and he said they were crocus. I didn't know what to I just put what he said! Thank you for your comment, riveroad.


they look like daffodils but what do I know