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"Marshes of Kepler"

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Tatiana Iliina, a Montreal artist whose work is collected worldwide, Tatiana Iliina was born in Russia, grew up near St. Petersburg, then known as Leningrad. She completed her studies at the Mukhina Higher Institute of Art and Design, a few minutes walk from the world-famous Hermitage Museum. She has lived in Canada now over 20 years and has been very successful selling her paintings to collectors all over the world. She has also created spectacular monumental works in downtown Montréal and as far away as Ontario and Russia, and has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout her career. Tatiana says: “Art is a gift that has been given to me to share. My passion, is to seek out the beauty and the joy in all things and bring it to life for all to enjoy. "When I was a young student in St. Petersburg, Russia, I was inspired and undeniably influenced by the artwork I would see around me, such as the treasures of the Hermitage Museum. Monet, Kandinsky, Aivazovsky or Andrei Rublev, the great medieval icon painter, they all made their impressions on me and nurtured my dreams. I couldn't possibly have realized what momentous events would take place in the world and my life during the years to come... that I would go on to live and raise a family in Canada, have millions of views on You Tube and have my paintings hanging in collections all over the planet! I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all my collectors and customers for their support and encouragement!


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Thank you Juba1010 for adding more color to this painting :-) I'm glad that Isaly and bluesmoke enjoyed it as well. Have a beautiful Tuesday my dear friends!


Would love to hang this on one of my walls.


It looked like another planet so I was curious.


@Juba1010 - thanks for the added information on this.


I looked this up. The Kepler Mire in New Zealand is also called The Dead Marshes, or The Dismal Swamp. Named for astronomer Johannes Kepler. Thanks K for an interesting painting. :-)


Beautiful colors in this. Very relaxing and calming to look at.