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Off to Phillip Island

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A long coach drive to Phillip Island but as we didn't need to be there until the evening we didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn.
On the way we stopped at a small wildlife centre where there were native animals. Lots of kangaroos and wallabies.
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Faye, apart from the Lifeboats because it affects our little town directly and our money we collect stays at our Station, I have given up supporting large charities, many of whom are raking in millions that does not go where it’s needed. I’ll make a note of WIRES should the bushfires start again next summer - the koalas will be decimated along with so others.
It was lovely but we went to a much better one in the Blue Mountains but this was the first time we had been ‘up close and personal’ with amazing creatures we had only ever seen in photos or on TV.


So cute! Sounds like a great place to visit Bren.


As we don't support charities that spend over 11% on administration, we asked Nev to recommend a charity that uses volunteers. As Australia has a lot of wide open spaces with many small towns, WIRES consists of 3,000 volunteers who receive training, and frequently care for the animals in their homes...receiving instruction from local veterinarians as to meds, etc.


These were mostly rescued either from injury from road accidents or just bad luck on their part. I don't think these will be on the meat counter in Coles supermarket. I sent money to one of the smaller rescue groups in Victoria the the bush fires were raging. Too much money in the big charities often pays for CEO salaries.
Our vets here had a jar on the receptionist's desk where people could put their odd coins and that was sent to help too. The pictures on the TV news of the little burnt Koalas broke many hearts.


Were they from the horrendous wild fires? WIRES sounded like such a wonderful volunteer group that we willingly donated towards the wild animals' rehab. What a blessed little creature. I sure hope s/he is not going to wind up on someone's dinner plate.

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