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Mirrored Mixed-Blocks Mosaic (Medium)

154 pieces
33 solves
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Thank you, Pat. Don't think I wasn't tempted to smack him a few times, because I was. But it's hard to find a good cardio that's nice and I love my regular cardio, so I wouldn't want to get kicked out of their practice. LOL!


Oh, my, that was a marvelous accomplishment, Aishah! If I'd been in your shoes when that doctor said what he did, I'd have taken off one of those shoes and smacked him upside the head! What a %#_£€{? !!!! And that's being polite.....! The most I've ever lost was 40 pounds, and it took me a few years to do it, even though it took less than a year to put it on in the first place--what you did is really something to be proud of! :-)))

I drink Diet Pepsi--I don't care about artificial sweeteners, and caffeine doesn't have much effect on me one way or another. But I sure would miss the taste.... I do like the carbonated flavored waters that most supermarkets sell, and they have no caffeine, but I have the feeling that they have artificial sweeteners, so that would be out for you...

Thanks, Aishah, Kathy, Nurse Pat, Robyn, and Elizabeth! I'm glad you all enjoyed the puzzle, and that LunaPic is turning out to be fun as well! :-)))


Thanks, Elizabeth. And I hope you get to work the Busy Blocks mosaic. It was loads of fun. : )


Wow, Aishah, before I only admired you for how well you work the puzzles. Now I have a whole new reason for admiration. Congratulations to you! It was hard work!
Pat, thank you for continuing the mosaic experiment. Great puzzle!
And thanks for introducing me to LunaPic. I've been playing with it. I obamanized a photo of my son--hilarious! He put it on his facebook page.


Thanks so much, Kathy and Nurse Pat.

Kathy, I have switched to unsweetened tea. I won't do artificial sweeteners and I don't like the taste of the Pepsi10. I tried the Dr.Pepper 10 as well but neither one worked for me. The teas work well because I can switch up flavors and I am using a mix of caffeinated and decaffeinated so I can gradually work myself off the caffeine. Geez, I never knew how hard giving up caffeine could be.

Pat, I usually have a few four letter words for people who love to hurl the fat insults around. LOL! : )


Challenging but fun puzzle, pd. It helped that it was mirrored, LOL. Thanks a bundle, hon. :))

to Aishahm - congratulations on the weight loss - I have been called "Fat Pat" for many years and I tell people "fat" is a 3 letter word not a 4 letter word !!!


Congratulations on losing the 180! Silly docs can really be in their own world, can't they?!

For the caffeine, have you looked at Pepsi10 - and maybe some other brands are doing the same thing, just a very small amount of sugar, none of the artificial sweetener...


One of my friends told me that she thinks my new diet is affecting me. I haven't had a Pepsi in almost a week and that is not a good thing.However, at my recent cardio appt, my regular doctor was out sick (go figure) and her partner (whom I have never met) was covering. He walked in the room and without even so much as a hello he says "Your fat! Do you want to die? If not lose some weight and stop being fat." Yeah, he's a real winner I tell you. Had he bothered to look at my chart, he would have seen that although I still need to lose weight, I have managed to lose 180 pounds already. So yes, I am fat, but I used to be a whole lot fatter. And after my response, he opens my file and takes a look and responds with "Well, keep up the good work." Needless to say, it did hit home and I have decided to work a little harder. I have lost all that weight and managed to get off the diabetes medications without giving up my Pepsi, but if I can survive the lack of caffeine and sugar, then maybe I can continue to lose weight and do it a little faster. But until my body adjusts, my grammar skills are lacking and a few social graces as well. I love my Pepsi, I want my Pepsi and I miss my Pepsi and I am not happy about it. LOL!


Giggle...... "proofread before i post them"......giggle....... :-)))


Okay, I just realized, my comment said murals, not mosaics. I really should proofread my comments before i post them. : )


And I didn't even have to knock on your door and ask you if you wanted a few pamphlets about Jigidi.......! LOL, thanks, Kathy! :-)))


Enjoying getting back to some Jigidi! And here I am on working a mosaic again, maybe you gals have converted me! Fun Pat - thanks!


My favorite/"lucky" number is 3, so I can understand your impulse to do all 3 sizes, Aishah! LOL! Have fun! Thanks! :-)))


Fantastic jig, Pat. You know I love your murals! The large one is next on the agenda. : )