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Odds & Ends - KaleidoBOARDS!

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You sure WERE! LOL


Yeah, well, I said "modest" so I was a mile away from the truth! lol


You are so welcome, Pat!!! :)


Fun fun fun puzzle thanks Jan


I'm giggling because, the pink one is Lady Gaga - so many of you had different views of that one that were pretty close to the truth! LOL (unless you are upset about kaleido-ing people)

Hanne - There appear to be a lot of creatures that I hadn't noticed in the 3X3. Thanks so much!

Hester - Those green cats are quite clear to me, now. Hope you enjoyed the "big reveal" about the pink one! Thanks!! :D

Mandy - So glad to hear you had fun with it! See how close you were with the belly dancer? She was in a pink bikini type thing.

PJ - Mandy was darned close and I have no idea how! She has ESP maybe? I am so glad you enjoyed the composition and the color. Most importantly, you had fun! Thanks!


Great fun, Jan. Exciting composition and glorious colors.
Mandy - you can spot a belly dancer by looking at her face - what an extraordinary ability! Is it useful ....


Great fun, thanks Jan. I saw belly dancers in the pink one... at least faces of belly dancers!!


It's funny but I see serious green cats in the second from left and alongside it there are blue/green monkey faces. The pink one has glamorous ladies with pink hair and peach yashmaks modestly surveying the pink lace table cloth. I'm not going into the far right....way too scary!! :-))


I see faces, lots of faces, monkeys and some that I've never seen before, but they are very interesting!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Yes indeed, Ardy - WAAAY too serious for Froggy! I'm happy you had fun!


Pat, I will save you from knowing the original image. It's a bit macabre, but also appropriate for your comments. Thanks so much!!


It's the pink one that has the cats in it. The one next to the left end has frogs dressed in formal attire. Don't know if they are friends of our Froggy. These look too serious. Thanks, Jan. Fun!!


Super special--and the pink one is a masterpiece of diamond delight! Thanks, Jan!