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Pastel Poppies! (medium) ***link to small inside

81 pieces
243 solves
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Here is a link to a 49 piece puzzle:


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Thank you SO much, Kirsten. Okay, you can have both! I don't think anyone will mind! :D


Oh my goodness! How nice is that? I adore the top left and top middle Jan! Thanks so much. :))))))))))))))


Gail - thank you so much! And may I add that you have been making some wonderful and different puzzles lately. I've been enjoying them a lot! Thanks.


I love these bright flowers, Jan. I really like the delicate center of the upper right one. but they are all so beautiful and cheerful!


Why thank you so very much, yohardys! I am glad you liked it!! :D

So pretty! I love it!


Katie - You know, that is so true, especially if I had made these in ovals! Love that image. But, don't rush the season. Time goes by too quickly as it is! LOL

Barb - I do that ALL the time! Spring can't come soon enough! I just want it to come in February!! Honestly, when I made this and added the blue one, I thought of you!

Hanne - you and Barb will have to share. I almost made a salmon-y pink one to go with it. But, decided to let it shine on its own. Thank YOU!


That blue one in the middle left - I could EAT it - almost, no, won't do, I would like to keep it, but together with the others. They make it shine!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Oops, I posted earlier but must have hit enter instead of the 'post comment' button. I love the spring like feel to this puzzle, just what I needed on a bitterly cold day, Jan, thanks. Love the middle row far left image, my favourite blue. :-))


Hi Jan, these are especially beautiful! All the colors you would see in a lovely Easter basket. Sigh...


Ardy - I am so glad you got the colors you needed today! A cold is not fun any time, but especially at this time of year. Stay in and stay warm! Thank you.

Mariasha - the blue dahlia - why not? It's been wanting to head to California! Thanks! :D

Jim - What a wonderful picture you created with words! Now I can see that perfectly! Thank YOU so much!


Wow, these look like an awesome fireworks display. I can just visualize these bursting overhead. One on bottom left would probably be one where the gold would glitter all the way to the ground.

Lovely colors this morning, and I especially like the blue dahlia, middle left....thanks!


Jan, I opened this and said, "My puzzle." Thanks for all this luscious pink and delicate blues and sunshiny yellows. Just what the doctor ordered for this cold which has been threatening for two days and is definitely here this morning. I will be staying low today. This is so gorgeous. Thank you so very much, dear friend. You knew just what I needed. BTW You know I'll share.