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Theme - Rocks/Fossils/Minerals/Crystals (7)

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Epidote, from Mount George, Harts Range, Northern Territory, Australia.
Well developed crystals of epidote are of frequent occurrence: they are commonly prismatic in habit. The faces are often deeply striated and crystals are often twinned. Many of the characters of the mineral vary with the amount of iron present for instance, the colour, the optical constants, and the specific gravity. The colour is green, grey, brown or nearly black, but usually a characteristic shade of yellowish-green or pistachio-green.
Epidote is an abundant rock-forming mineral, but one of secondary origin.
The perfectly transparent, dark green crystals have occasionally been cut as gemstones.

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Linda, lots of different shades of colour here. ♥♥♥


Beautiful colors in this rock! Love it!


Bobbie, it's a very nice looking sample. ♥♥♥


Janet, apparently it's fairly common too. ♥♥♥


Ardy, yes there are many gradations here. ♥♥♥


Ellen, that's a good question. Food for thought. ♥♥♥


This one is super, Nev. Love all the shades of green.☺♥♥


Fabulous crystals thanks Nev, I really like this one. Hugs to you. ♥♥♥


Many shades of green in this one. Another interesting one. Thanks, Nev.


I wonder if this pretty stone has ever been passed off as emerald.