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iMac Borders (Smaller)

42 pieces
70 solves
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Hee Hee yourself, Lela--a wise man would not want zz and pd (or even just one of us!) annoyed at him. Just sayin'..........

Slow, Jan? Then you're implying that I'm slow, too, since I'm only 4 seconds ahead. It's not nice to say that about the puzzle creator to her face, you know.....LOL!!!!!

I guess I do have my own distinctive style, Mandy--I just hope that's a good thing! Thanks! :-DDD


It's amazing Pat - the iMac gives such a different look, but the design is so clearly yours! I'm loving the new look :~))


Brilliant colors, fun mailboxes and solve. Slow me! Thanks so much, Pat!


Winnings.....what winnings?.......(hee-hee!).........


I'm still going through the mail for the winnings--they'd better be there, or zz and I will want to know why, Lela..............

I love your puzzles, Maddie, and it may sound like a very egotistical comment, but it's true, that my biggest way to compliment someone is to say I wish that I could claim that they were mine!!!

Thanks so much, Aishah, Lela, Maddie, Mimi, Edie, and PJ! I love that song, although it reminds me of The Big Chill, which had great music but an uneasy storyline, for sure. And now all those actors are old f*rts, just like me! LOL!!!


"Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was good friend of mine
I never understood a single word he said
But I helped him drink his wine
He always had some mighty fine wine, sing it "................
"And I'm the merry, merry mailman..........I've filled the slot a-g-a-i-i-n!".........


Yes Pat, the colors are wonderful, and it was so fun putting it together.


Sorry, I forgot to say that this puzzle is great !! I think colours , in general, are really important, and you used wonderful colours here !! Thanks!


I brought along one of my old 8 track cartridges to fill the slot but it looks like I'm too late. He's already been here. Oh well, I'll just leave it here in case he wants to listen to Jeremiah was a Bull Frog, it's right up his alley. Thanks Pat.


Love it, love it, love it! :)))


Pdevredis, (Pat?), I've always admired your puzzles, so I was very glad with your comment to my village-puzzle. You asked for a larger size. I have another profile, called maddiekids, and on that profile I usually put larger puzzles. I'll put this one on it, tomorrow, but I can only go as large as 130 pieces, (I don't know why that is..?) , hopefully it's large enough for you.
Thanks again, Maddie


Already done, aishahm!....................


Oh dear, Pat. You called it a mail slot. Now Lela will free to fill it with mail. LOL!


I was experimenting with the different ways you can select colors--there's a box of crayons, a color wheel, a list, and so on, with subcategories. One of the categories I don't understand at all--everything in it seems to have a blue tinge, and the names of the programs seem to have to do with writing--but clicking on one of them is what let me do that light/dark stripey thing around the center mail slot (!).

Thanks, jb, Katie, Lela, and Ardy! I hope some of the lottery winnings were in that mail--I'm checking it right now............


I like this, Pat. The colors seem much more vivid. I'm glad you are enjoying your creating again. Thanks for a fun puzzle.


(couldn't miss this one!)


Fabulous intense colors! I like that you highlighted the mail slot for Lela. Thanks Pat! :>)


Thanks for the rectangle puzzle jb :~))