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Fantastic Voyage Revistied......

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Thank you, Shirley... This is a little far out and different in the design and shapes, sort of honeycomb and cave like, but the colours seem to hold it all together....Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for letting me know.... :) :)


I can't say I remember 'The Fantastic Voyage' but I think this is fantastic, and the colours are exquisite, out of this world, I love it, Thank you, Sally :):)


Thanks Mimi, I like the contrast of the bluey, purpley, (or Blurple as whatnauts would say), magentay colors and the green... The odd shapes are, well.......... Odd shapes.... :) :)


Thank Sissel, Glad you enjoyed... Cute avatar... Merry Christmas.... :) :)


I do remember "The Fantastic Voyage" but I don't think I saw it. All I have to do is draw that tiny submarine and I'll be all set! This is gorgeous!


Like it - thanks :-)


Thank you all, Glad you enjoyed this... This finished fractal reminded me of the movie 'Fantastic Voyage' 1966, (An oldie)....

***Stephen Boyd heads a team of scientists sent on a bizarre experimental mission. Through a revolutionary and as-yet-untested process, the scientists and their special motorized vehicle are miniaturized, then injected into the blood stream of a near-death scientist (Jean del Val). Their mission is to relieve a blood clot caused by an assassination attempt.***

As I recall some of the scenes looked just like this, only with a mini-sub in there floating through the blood stream..... Strange movie....

*** Movie blurb from:


Very interesting design and imagery ...


Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks very much.


Beautiful, thanks


I agreee, Snooker. Looks like something from that program about the incredible human body on PBS or the History Channel.

Thought of the pictures of a trip through the human body. Very interesting. :)