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Starlit Sky

64 pieces
118 solves
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Thanks Kirsten, I'm glad you enjoyed the kaleidoes, I'll have to start work on the showcase... :~)


Yup it was a hard one, Mandy. But those glowy kaleidos were worth it. And I look forward to seeing them showcased soon! Thanks. :)))


Thanks Pat, despite the difficulty - you've still made the board... well done!! I'll have to use some of these images in a different style I think, they got a bit lost in this one :~(


I was zipping along so quickly--and then the frame was done...! LOL! Things came to a screeching halt when I started on the actual individual images. I thought they were very beautiful--so many wonderful patterns--but they were HARD! Thanks, Mandy! :-)))


Thanks Barb, I realised it was quite a challenge when I looked at the pieces at the time of posting... and somehow although I tried to make them bright and cheerful, they're much duller in the puzzle. Well done for persevering - its a good job I didn't make this one any larger I think :~)


Wonderful puzzle, Mandy, but what a challenge! Kept putting the wrong pieces together (I should say I kept trying to put the wrong pieces together - lol).