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Ocean Plants

63 pieces
112 solves
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Mandy and whatnauts, I'm glad that you both could see that the plants are underwater...and I just peeked at the top ten list and see that you're both one on top of the other.


Cool underwater experience, Wendy :)

Petslave, if you see a darla or gypsywest puzzle you like, Darla will usually post smaller if you ask.


This really does look oceanic, and those plants are clearly floating with the currents... I keep expecting to see Nemo peeping out!!!


LOL! Pat, I really am laughing at your most recent comment. ;-)

I'm going to make more of these because they really do excite my creative juices. I don't want to make them so often though that people get bored.


(I'm ignoring the other comments...!).


Fantabulous design, Wendy! I love these flowers--a true tour-de-force, especially with the background water getting lighter as you near the surface! Lovely!


Ada, it's a good thing that I just came back here. You must have slipped your post in right before mine. I meant that Pat, whatnauts and advia SOLVE the extra large puzzles so they don't get the opportunity to extend their lives re your "life is too short for puzzles over 100 pieces." LOL!

You're right about Darla though. When she used to post her darlawest puzzles I would go crazy because most of the gorgeous ones were in the super large sizes.


Thank you very much, Francine. The details are lost, but it looks pretty good anyway.


and don't forget Darla! that girl only posts puzzles OVER 200 or more pieces. So I never get to do any.


Very eye catching. Good one, Wendy.


That's a great way to look at the super large ones! Tell that to Pat, whatnauts and advia. ;-)


yes very pretty. i would have missed this if I didn't see your other comment on the other puzzle. I normally only browse in the 0-60 size. I miss a lot but with smaller number of pieces I can get more puzzles solved and faster. haha. Life is too short for puzzles over 100 pieces! hee hee. - Ada