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Stress Free Circles

70 pieces
334 solves
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Thank you so very much, Jenny. And even more thanks for your beautiful puzzle. :-)

Yuki, I do need a rest but had to post at least something for I did. Thank you, Yuki. :-)

A BIG smile is directed in both your directions. :-)

Dear Wendy, thank you for the response and the good news!! \\(^_^)// Thank you, all your warm convincing friends!! I am so waiting for your new puzzles just like many fans of yours, but please take your time for new creations. We all need some kind of rest after cold winter days.


So glad to hear that Wendy....looking forward to your puzzles : )


Yuki, I'm not leaving after all, so don't be sad. Friends of mine convinced me not to go. I see that you've gotten more top spots lately. :-)

Hester, I left you a message on "you know where." The person will rename nameless, so at least Growly won't be able to attack anyone. I wouldn't want him to get hurt in the scuffle. :-)


I've just noticed this message and have left you one "you know where". This just isn't right, Wendy. Say the world and I shall set Growly in his "hit man/bear " persona on this nameless individual. Please don't go! :(((

I just noticed a very sad message that you're leaving, Wendy. Really?? So very sad... I hope you will come back here soon. In the meantime, if I could do anything with my Ninja tricks and Samurai tactics, I mean, to silence that person, please let me know... Please stay well and enjoy your days, Wendy. (and come back please T_T !!!)


Tick tock, tick tock, time flies when you are having fun!! ;-)) Thanks Wendy!


Holy Cow! Amy, you're right below Mandy! The watches are analog but keep in mind that the hands and number have disappeared after a mishap having to do with a nearby bucket of water.

Magda and Mandy, originally I made squares with circles, but then I thought I'd make it more interesting, and after completing the 'picture' I thought the same as you guys.

Thank you, PJ. :-)

whatnauts and Billie, thank you both! :-) On a side note, Billie, your "crazy good" was a crazy great remark. :-)

This was crazy good! Thanks.


These circles are great, Wendy. Thanks much :))


Very stress free and I agree with Magda - they look like swatches to me too - thanks Wendy :~))


Yes Wendy - a fun puzzle :-)))


Thanks Wendy for a stress free good night puzzle.
By the way, they look like Swatches to me.


As advertised! And fun to boot. Are these digital or analog circles? Thank you Wendy.


Sure, Willy. Just make sure to give me some credit for it. ;-)


And this looks like..........Stress Free Cirkels!!!!
Wendy, may I use your puzzle, I'm gonna work on something (you can see it to-morrow).
Bey the way; the puzzle is wonderful!!!