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My Hummel Nativity

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Judy, you are very welcome. I'm glad to share the story of the Nativity with anyone who will listen or in this case look. The camels are part of the set but are too big to fit in this space so they graze off to the side. Thanks for coming by and staying to comment. Enjoyment, not speed, is what's important.


Ardy, I just found this, so my remark is a little delayed. I LOVE nativity sets; they display the true meaning of Christmas. Dagmar's comment about Christmas trees being fairly new in Spain, and everyone had nativity displays instead, made we wish we all did that today. Yours is such a nice one and thanks for sharing it. Such joy in seeing and solving it!
p.s. I'm a slow solver, so you'll never see me on the board, but I do have you in my Favorites, so I am a follower of your contributions. Judy


Have a good night Dagmar. I really should say, Good morning since you won't read this before then. We had two Nativity scenes up here, this one and an live wood one my friend, Helen bought in Jerusalem when we were there. Her younger son took that one when they let me buy the house. I would love to see the one you described. At the Mormon Temple here they decorate the grounds with hundreds of thousands of lights. In the visitor's center they have a whole room which is set up with Nativity scenes from all around the world. II see that even as tired as you are you are in the middle of the leader board.

Actually that's how I discovered your star last night. I was going through my puzzles to be sure I had replied to all comments and noticed the star with your name at the top of several leader boards. So glad you got it. You'll wonder how you ever did without it after awhile.


I couldn't wait till tomorrow LOL, I had to see it today.

I like nativity scenes very much, here in Spain they are very important. When my husband was small they never had a Christmas tree, that is relatively new here in Spain, but everbody put up wonderful nativity scenes in their homes. Some neighbours in the village have one that occupies half a room and includes a whole village with all the peopel living there, the shepherds, the three wise men with their camels and everything is wonderfully put into a landscape of rocks, moss, and even a little river with flowing water. You would love to see it. :))
Now I must run and prepare for bed it's very late again. Enjoy the rest of your evening and see you tomorrow. :))


You have a rare treasure too. Does it have the Wise Men? They are so much a part of the tradition.


I inherited a small manger scene, made in Italy, from a dear departed Aunt.


You are welcome, Katie. I do treasure it.


This is truly a treasure! Thank you so much for sharing it with us Ardy.


Ank, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I want you to know that I have put up a few decorations and you'll be seeing pictures of them in the days to come.


Thank you, Faye. I love Hummel figurines and feel so fortunate to have this set. It was a Christmas gift many years ago.


Glad you can appreciate that, Calleycat2. Thank you for stopping by.


Thanks, Francine. Glad you enjoyed seeing it.


Wow, this is beautiful, thanks for showing Ardy


It's so nice to see a delicate, "quality" Nativity rather than all the poorly-made resin kind of nowadays...with their gaudy colours and sloppy painting. And your camels are wonderful, too! :D


The true meaning of Christmas. Thanks ringleader!


This is the prettiest Nativity collection I've seen. Thanks Ardy.


Hi Jan, It's rather tricky getting that little angel to "fly" She has to be attached where the roof sections come together There's a cow behind the kings that doesn't show, but it's a very nice cow. Thanks, Jan. Always love to have you visit. You leave such nice comments.


Glad you enjoyed it, Tampagirl. It is delightful. Did you see the camels I posted somewhat later? They are also Hummels. Thank you for coming by.


What a very sweet and lovely nativity! It must make you smile every time you see it. I love the positioning of each person1 (especially the angel!)


I love it! My sister collects Hummel but doesn't have this sweet treasure:)


You are very welcome, Pat and Hanne. Thanks for stopping by.


It's very lovely, Ardy!! Thanks so very much!!


So beautiful thanks Ardy