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Maine Lighthouses: Owls Head

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Owl's Head is on the point south of Rockland Harbor, a wild and beautiful setting. Established in 1825, it was subject to strange occurrences, and is said to host at least two ghosts: "One is known as the 'Little Lady' and is most frequently found in the kitchen or looking out a window. Doors slam, silverware rattles, but people say her presence brings a feeling of peace. The other is thought to be a keeper from beyond the grave." More details are available at

The picture makes clear that it was a haul to the light from the house, and, particularly in winter, it could be difficult and dangerous - one keeper's wife was blown off the summit by a gust of wind and narrowly avoided falling into the sea. The tower itself was not robustly built; the mortar was crumbling and it leaked, coating the interior with ice in the winter and making maintenance difficult; the keeper's house was not much better. The keeper did not have a boat, and had to go three miles overland to get supplies. He had a good well, but it was often exhausted by ships using it to refresh their own supplies.

In 1852 the tower was replaced with a far superior brick tower, and in 1854 a new keeper's house was built. However, it wasn't until 1874 that a set of walkways and stairs were installed to connect the house and the light. In 1879 a fog bell was installed in a pyramidal tower. In 1880 the house got a pump and piping for water. In 1894 an oil house was erected; in 1903 the walkway was enclosed from the oil house to the tower, and three years after that the covering was extended to the house, which finally made the trip significantly easier and safer in the winter.

The light was automated in 1989, but the keeper's house was still used by the Coast Guard as a residence. The maintenance of the tower has been taken over by the American Lighthouse Federation since 2007, and they did a significant restoration in 2011. Last year, the ALF announced they had leased the keeper's house from the Coast Guard and would be opening it as an educational interpretive center.


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Thank you sooooo much for all the information. Nice. I also love the Lighthouse and the surroundings.


Sehr schönes Foto und endlich auch mal eine ausführliche Erklärung zum fotografierten Ort.