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Squirrels are cute little rascals, and I love to stop and watch them sometimes as they play in my back yard. But over the years, it seems that Virginia squirrels have grown incredibly rude! I know that this sounds crazy, but they appear to be deliberately pelting both humans and pets with black walnuts from the tree that shades my patio. They were so hard on one of my little dogs that he began to cringe away from the tree when he heard the squirrels rustling around during black walnut season.

One evening, a new acqaintance and I were sitting on the patio, and I told him that the squirrels were using the walnuts as bombs. He laughed and carefully explained that I was imagining the onslaught because squirrels were only little animals. Immediately following his little speech, he was hit with a fat, juicy walnut. Now, I occasionally catch him cringing away from the tree.

Cute squirrel. Will take me a while to complete the puzzle - lots of pieces. Like the photo. Thanks, issybee.