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Blurring the Lines Between Fantasy and Reality

117 pieces
255 solves
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Thank you, Wendy! I love the colors in this one as well. :-)

The colors of this one are particularly beautiful - translucent and shimmery. Love it!


Thanks so much, Robyn. It's the second time I created something like this and I'm pretty happy with it. :-)


That was fun. Nice combination of things; colour, pattern/texture, shape. All the things I love, plus a lovely overall composition. Thanks Wendy. :)


davidpaul!!!! Holy Cow!!!! Long time, no see. I guess you can tell by now that I no longer solve puzzles. I've been creating puzzles for a year instead. :-) How are you?
Hey, I just peeked and see that I'm still there-


Hi Windy. Looks like fun.


I don't know what to say in response, Judy! All I can think of is a BIG.....


Wendy, I believe this definitely exemplifies abstract art, even beyond the gazillion puzzles out there. You did a fabulous job putting this together. It felt like I was going from room to room, never knowing where they merged and got completely and delightfully lost. I was grinning while I was solving and wondering how you created the effects you did. If there were rules, you broke them all and came up with a wonderful, composition that works superbly. Thanks so much!


Thank you, dear Pat. :-)

Edie, there's definite hanky panky going on, but I think the blinds do an excellent job of hiding that fact. LOL


I feel like I'm peeking into someone's house through half closed blinds. Hope there's no hanky panky going on. Thanks Wendy. I really enjoyed this.


COOOOOL puzzle! Very unusual and challenging and elegant, too! :-)))