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05 Coachman RV (for Lia ☺)

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Still waiting for my first trip - perhaps next weekend!!


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Dear Lia, it sounds like you have a good plan to avoid the fireworks!! My baby (Beau) even shakes when there is thunder, so I know what you are saying~!
Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, Peaceful New Year,
Your friend, Beth ☺♥


Thanks for your update!!
I know it is important to take care of parents (or children… or...), but it is a pity you put so much energy and money in your RV and still are a 'virgin' (although Virgin does suit the Christmas time!!!).
I do hope you can make - at least - a short trip after Christmas!!
I won't be going to Spain this winter. Up to now I don't mind and am quite busy doing this and thats. 28. Dec. I will take the car+caravan up to Drenthe (north east of Netherland), Borger, to a quiet campingsite where no fireworks are allowed, and no villages nearby, so no fireworks from there either. Bambi hates fireworks and every town and village in Holland is ear-deafening with fireworks in all Streets on 31. Dec at 0.00 hours, even days on forehand. Even now one hears several 'bangs' per evening, and Bambi is shaking and frightened. That was one good thing when I went to Spain in winter, as I Always left in time to avoid all fireworks here.
I will return home on 2. Jan and hope that the youngsters will have used all their fireworks and bombs, but am afraid they'll keep some to shoot off in the weekend nights. Alas!!
Have a nice Christmas and I'll keep my fingers crossed you have your virgin trip soon!!!
Bye dear Beth!!


update :-) still an RV virgin LOL Family members borrowed it for a week to go to Kentucky. Their eight year old has adopted a wild mustang pony and they went to a training session for wild mustangs ☺ They had a wonderful time! I put six new tires on it and some new brake pads and it is very safe!! I have all the things for solar - just need to hook it up. Trying to save up for a new lithium battery in the meantime (prices are still high)
Still taking care of my dad. Hope to plan a short trip after Christmas, out to a farm in Mississippi (north of Gulfport) where a good friend lives. It doesn't stay cool very long in the south - sometimes February gets downright hot!!


Have you travelled with it yet??




Hi Lia,
Yes, this RV is just the right size. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet because I take care of my Dad and the one time I had reservations at a park here on Perdido Bay, the rain was so bad we had flooding and the RV park closed!! Anyway, I have plans to visit a friend of mine who lives in Mississippi out on a farm. She has a hookup at her barn and said we could try out camping for the first time in a safe environment LOL. My friend Brenda will be going with me.
Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!!


Hello Beth!
I never saw this RV! so didn't comment either!
Annetta told me I should look it up. Thanks Annet!!!

Beth, this is great. And I so hope you have a lot of pleasure with it! Travelling in summer is very nice, but leaving cold(er) area's to travel to warm(er) area's is even better. And.. good for our health too! This is a nice size of RV. Not TOO big, and big enough!!
Do you sleep in the top? or below on a bed?
I have to go now, but will contact you shortly!!
Merry Christmas !!


Nou Lia, is het wat voor je a.s. vakantie??


Wishing him the best with his new "equipment". The trip WILL take place, and when it does, it will be grand!


. . . alas, family doings and responsibilities are foremost. Looks like Dad might get a pacemaker next week. Hope you and Jim and family are doing GREAT!! ♥

pumpkinhead you have a trip planned????


I'll be waiting, girlfriend! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bren!


Hoping to go weekend after next!! Don't worry - I'll take pictures for proof LOL ♥


Have you taken her out on an adventure yet?


ha ha You are all giving me such good encouragement!! Thank you ♥☺♥


That is a nice one. You better get going before it gets too cold.


Get 'er going!! She's a beauty and just yelling "Take me camping!!!"
Looking forward to hearing about the maiden trip. ♥♥♥


It's a joke in the neighborhood that I haven't gone camping yet LOL. Can't wait to make some memories and adventures!! ☺♥☺


BETH!!! I love it! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! シ