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For Ardy :-)

42 pieces
132 solves
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Katie, I just checked and not counting today, you're on 29 of my top ten lists. Now here's the thing about that. Almost ANYONE who remains on my top ten lists after a period of five days is someone who is fast. So, even though you don't strive for speed, somehow, someway, you are managing to be fast in spite of everything.


I certainly forgive Pat for beating me! I don't strive for speed and it just happens sometimes. At least we're still in the middle of the pack!


OK, Pat, I forgive you although I'm not sure Katie's going to even though Camelot went and ruined everything. I'm glad you like the colors. :-)

Ardy, I am so very pleased that you enjoyed this one. :-)

And that goes for you too, PJ and Mary. :-)


Woo! Challenging! 6:44 Thanks, Wendy! I love these but I'm not too good at them yet.


Wendy - its a wonderful puzzle. Neat design and happy colors.


I love it Wendy. Thank you. I only fussed at you for about 3:52 minutes because you didn't tell me yesterday that I could wait for today to do this one. LOL

All teasing aside I loved doing that one yesterday and equally loved this one today. And I do thank you. It's a beautiful and artist arrangement and I'm honored.


Oooops--sorry, Katie, my bad! But Camelot came along and stole mine, so now we're even! LOL!

Cool flowers, Wendy--the colors are really great!


That cruel Pat already stole your top spot, Katie! She can be ferocious when she feels like it!


This is a nice bright bunch! And look...I'm staying a couple puzzles ahead of Franc and getting some No.1 spots - for a bit anyway.