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Today -- even the squirrel deflector is a landing site

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49 solves
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It looks like there are four cardinals, a male purple finch, and four sparrows.


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Beautiful gathering! I'm still not getting any "desirables", but I'm not giving up yet. It's only been a couple days. I was going to go out and chant while beating a spoon on a skillet, as a makeshift dinner bell. Think that'll help, RH?


Yes, they do, PLG.

We lived on this same street in the late 70's into the early 90's and had a bird feeder at that property. We had cardinals at that feeding station as well. I recall that one summer I saw a cardinal parent on the feeder tray with a little one. It was interesting to see that they introduced the offspring to the feeder.




Wonderful! They give you a show so often! Thank you, RH!


Thanks for your comments roseheather and yes it was a tupperware bowl; I melted a hole with an ice pick in the bottom of it, tupperware worked better than cheap plastic that tends to crack, especially in the -25*F weather we get. The bowl just rests on top of the S hook to hold the finch sock; needs to be able to rock so the squirrels cannot get good balance and large enough they cannot get ahold. Next summer I am going to try ceramic or something more attractive with an ceramic attachment on a drill to do the hole. May post if I am successful.


You are welcome, Angelbender. ; )

Good puzzle and good count. Thanks, roseheather.