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Chihuly! Richmond! Display made just for the Richmond Museum

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Just outside the museum cafe is an excellent water garden of which a small part of is shown here. When Chihuly came to Richmond to discuss if he would display there, he decided to make this display just for this water area just for this museum. What you see is a little over half of it. The intensity of the color and the reflection of them in the water is nice even on an overcast day. The spikes are probably 6-8 ft tall. The spikes look like they are slightly different shades of red which is good because they are.


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Wow. The colour variation really came out beautifully in your photograph Dave... the most amazing bull rushes/ cattails/ ? that I've ever seen. On to the next...I just have to keep seeing these...

Love Chihuly, saw one of his exhibits in the Orlando area several years back. He is an amazing artist, his color pallet and designs are unlike anything else I have ever seen. A must see if his work is ever in your area!!


Would love just a few of those in my pond!