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A new toy, not a real toy but something I can destroy.

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A bath sponge. You can pull that apart.


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You're right Ann, the only problem was, the whole floor of the room was his property. lol


Hello Ank. From your comment I believe that dog you talked about did just as we discussed---he decided that the middle of the room WAS his special place, his domain! LOL Only his special place DID interfere with the rest of the household! :-D ..............


Thanks for passing by Talia. Many dogs do, it's funny I never had dogs who do. Just the things I special give them to do so.
I just think, maybe that's the secret. I give them things to destroy and tell them that it's ok to do. And if the start to destroy a toy I told them not to do. I always did so with the dogs, my parents did too. Sometimes they need to destroy something. But of course you have to start young with learning. But also the older dog can still learn a lot. Just try.


Very nice picture. My Louna have also destroy a lot of toys....!!!!! Thank you


Thanks Ann and Monica. Ann I love this story, so smart. I never heard a dog cleaning his own mess. lol. I had a dog once. When I did clean his mess, all the toys at the toy place, he went to the toy-place and took one by one all the toys back to the place he thought they had to be. ............In the middle of the room. Dogs......sigh them.


Well, hello there Micky I see you have your toys all lined up nice and tidy! Such a good little girl you are! Hello Ank, your sweet little Micky is just as cute as ever, love seeing pics of her! Thanks so much!


I found that if you give a dog the chance it will pick out its own little corner all by itself, hopefully a place that will not interfere with the daily life of the household. My little guy did just that when he 'adopted' me. He found a small rug used to cover an electric cord (so I would not trip on it) behind the dining table and he took it over. He keeps all his treasures on it---himself! After he has finished playing with one he always puts it back on 'his' rug. I did not train him to do this. It is as if he is telling me that this is his private domain---entrance by invitation only! I always wait until he is outside to clean it! LOL................


Thanks Laura and Suzy.
Laura she has.
Suzy you too? I have 5 days backlog, I really don't try, it's impossible, then I become crazy. Don't do it friend.


She has her toys so very nicely arranged, Ank!
Many back puzzles to solve.....


Looks like Micky has a new loofah!


Hi Cathy, they love it, you just have to be sure they don't eat it.


Wonderful picture!! Thank you Ank! I will tell my doggie owner friends about this neat toy.


Hi friends, thanks for all these lovely comments. Micky will never take something what is not given to her. I can put a meat dish for her nose and then I can say that is not for Micky. She will not touch it. If I give it to her then she takes it. That's with food toys and everything. She will never take something from the street, it's not given to her. That is very pleasant. And indeed that you have to learn them if they are still small. Especially when they are very young they learn quickly. I will give her hugs and tell her that you all like her. You know when I'm talking to her she looks at me and understand most things. Example: Yesterday morning We went to Elly's room to wake her up. She did play a little with Elly. Then Elly said, do you stay here with me or do you go downstairs with Ank. She turned around and walked to me. I am often surprised by what she understand.
That corner is hers but mostly she is on the top of the back of the sofa. Oh and the sponge it's a new one, not an old with soap in it.
Elly is back home now, I think she will arive about now. We had a great time and it did good to her.


Micky and her friends. She is just so very cute! I had never thought of one of those bath sponges for a "destroy toy!" Thanks, Ank!!


Our love to Elly, and tell her we'll be thinking about her still. And please give that adorable sassy Micky a big kiss from her Mimi!


Yes, I do lots of borrowing from them--when they've left me anything still useable! :-)))


Pat pets always are into things that is not theirs. But you know they rules the house. So as a person, you borrow items in your home to use on a daily chores.


Maggie loves to tear these apart, as well as the cardboard tubes in paper towels and toilet paper, and tissue boxes. Unfortunately, we haven't actually given her these--she's stolen them from the bathroom counter or tub, or the kitchen counter, when they were new, and when they still had paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues on/in them!!! In fact, Maggie just destroyed a brand new box of tissues this morning.......! So we try not to offer the empty or old ones to her, because we're afraid she'll just be even more convinced that she's allowed to take the good ones!!! It would be easier if she were little, but she can reach to the back of every counter when she stands up! LOL!


Aw, she has her own little corner.


Oh, so much FUN!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Thank you Ank, please tell Elly warm greetings and I wish her a safe journey :-))))


Go, get it Micky. Thanks for sharing Micky with all of us, Ank. Give Elly an extra hug from me. I think of her often and wish her the best.


Have fun with your sponge Micky! She looks so sweet surrounded by her toys Ank. I think it is great that she only destroys the things she is allowed to.


Thanks Denise and Jana. I love you comments and Micky does too. Denise, indeed sometimes I give that too, they like it. Jana I will give her hugs from you. Elly will go home this afternoon. When lunch is done I will take her to the train. Then she is home still in daylight. We had a great time all together.


Micky where you were yesterday, you missed me. You have a beautiful toy. Have a nice day together with Ank and Elly, a big hug and scratch behind your ears :-))))))


Hi Micky girl:-) You enjoy your bath sponge. Ank I give the inside of the paper towel roll and empty tissue boxes, they love to rip that to pieces. Enjoy your day Micky and Ank:-) Hugs


Good evening Robbos, I hope your day was good. This is a thing she likes to destroy, just like the balloons or a ball of wool. So sometimes I give this to her and then she is very busy.


Micky wouldn't misbehave by being a toy destroyer or would she????