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Rainbows and Rain - a little larger

144 pieces
315 solves
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I created this puzzle a few days ago and when I saw the subject of Mandy?s ?Who Knew? puzzle today decided it was appropriate to post this now.
For those of you not familiar with the Who Knew puzzles ... everyday somewhere, something is being celebrated. Mandy has kindly created a puzzle each day along with a little history about the day being celebrated. To see today?s puzzle go to:


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I agree about the bright and sunny but cold day, Ardy. It was exactly the same here. The forecasters keep saying it's going to get warmer. One can only hope. Good luck with tonight's rehearsal. :-)


This wasn't any harder just took longer - 16:19. It's been nice and bright and sunny today but with a cold wind. The winter coat felt good except in the car which was hot after sitting in the sun. I'm going to have to get some supper in a bit and get raady for rehearsal. But I think I'll go do your morning bigger puzzle first.