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Marching Stars (Smaller)

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I also made a monster version--do you think it's worth posting, monster mavens?! LOL!


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Hmmmm...... Is that the secret to your speed???!!!!! Whatever your method is, it certainly works well for you!

I'm glad you have the time now for some "quickies"! Having the time to do monsters is one of the benefits of being old and retired! LOL, thanks, Mandy!


Thanks Pat - I've missed your little "quickies" over the past couple of days!! I'd never dream of doing a puzzle by finding all the outside edges first... I solve them completely randomly, depending on which colours and shapes I see first that I can put together. The monsters might have to wait until I retire though!!! :~)


Thanks, Aishahm, Kathy, and Diane--I did jigsaw puzzles with my kids, although I don't remember my mom doing them with me. I did always sort through the entire box, transferring the edges to the table or board I was working on, and the other pieces to the box top. But when I found pieces of, say the red barn or the white boat, I'd also make little piles of those, as well. Then I'd assemble the frame, and then move on to the barn or the boat, even if I hadn't found all the border pieces on the first go through. So my daughter didn't get her obsession from me! :-)))

The first puzzles I solved on the computer were the New Yorker magazine covers. There you can do certain things you can't here, like isolate the frame pieces with one click. But you can also, in the largest of the 3 sizes each puzzle comes in, opt to have some of the pieces NOT in the correct orientation, which is more like real life.......LOL!

The comments that people made about this star puzzle were the first ones about solving the outside rim first. That is what I do, but I am still slow, but I do them only for pleasure. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J. Loved the stars


Already there, Pat! Looks like it will be lots of fun!
Enjoying the comments about solving approaches - and especially roerick's about working the old-fashioned ones with Mom. And my Mom is the one that showed me Jigidi! One thing I've realized that makes these more manageable: we know which way the pieces are oriented!!


I say yes to the monster version. Of course, I am completely addicted to your goldi-monsters so what else would I say? LOL!


My younger daughter is the same way--she will sort out all the end pieces, and if she can't find one, she will NOT start on the center until she does. Not me; I do them for fun, and obeying a rule isn't fun, especially if I end up going bonkers trying to find that one elusive piece...! LOL!

Thanks, Rosie and Ardy! :-)))


So far, you are the only person who has solved it. It looks like more than I could handle. But I do love these multi-colored stars. Congrats to you.


Love this lots, Pat. Always find your puzzles fun and entertaining but don't know about a monster puzzle. And, I don't know who taught you guys to do puzzles but my Mom would be turning over in her grave if I didn't do all of the border first and then did the center. She only did her puzzles that way and she did the puzzles you needed to add the leaves to the dining room table to to do. Thanks for the fun. On to the next. Rosie


I just finished it, Ardy! LOL! I was curious, and I really liked the pattern (I don't know if you looked at it, but it's got many repeats of this design melded together). So I decided to do it--and it didn't even take 2 hours! :-)))


Love this, Pat. I'm not going for a monster version but I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of solvers did. Would you do it in a monster versions? Maybe that would answer your question.


That's a good holiday to celebrate--now we just need to make EVERY day a good (and safe, and respectful, and equal) one for women around the world... :-)))


Great fun Pat! I solve these in exactly the same way that you do them. The many stars seem so appropriate for Internation Women's Day too!


I'm guess that's probably what everyone does, but it does make it a lot of fun.


Thanks, roadworn and Edie! I do these the same way--in the middle of sorting out the border, I realize that I've found a couple of fuchsia pieces and several ivory ones, and so I start assembling those stars instead. But then I have to put them somewhere, so I go back to working the frame so I have a context to place them......I know just what you mean! :-)))


I like this type of puzzle because I can never decide whether to do the border or go for colour so I'm always going back and forth. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Pat


Cool! Fun puzzle.