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Surprise.... (With Link To 144 Piece Size)....

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Yes, Stevia is an approved sugar substitute... It's a little more expensive and I haven't made a conscious effort to switch over yet.... Anxious to try the lemon water... Hoping I can take it straight up... I figured your little ones get lots of extra treats... 'Cause you're a softie.... They all look so healthy... :) :))))))


Are you allowed Stevia. At least it's an all natural products. I'd be in big trouble with diabetes because I have nothing but sweet teeth. LOL. Some people say to drink the lemon water before you brush your teeth but I find rinsing my mouth afterwards to get rid of the acid from the lemon is fine, and all four chicks get extra everything :-)))


Edie, until I was diagnosed with Diabetes, artificial sweeteners never touched mine either... But having a sweet tooth makes it difficult to go without any form of sweetener... Splenda is the best of the lot and I can tell the difference between it and the 'others' ... Kinda like the old 'coke' vs 'pepsi'... We're going to try our lemon water straight up... I like lemon flavor a lot so maybe I won't wimp out... Thanks again for the info... Extra peas for Cloud, please.... :) :))))


Sally artificial sweeteners have never knowingly crossed my lips. Lol, and if I taste something that contains it it usually sends me running for a sink. I started drinking lemon water years(over 20) ago while working for my aunt. She would make it for us in the afternoon and I would have mine with a little honey. Ideally it should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach with no sweeteners but I think if that's the only way you can drink it then go ahead and try and agradually cut it back. I add less lemon, about 1/4 large lemon and no sweetener now but it took awhile to be able to drink and enjoy it. I already ruffled Cloud's by picking him up this morning so I'm good for the day :-)))))


Shirley, mate... It's good old Redfiled, with a little tweaking... I'd almost forgotten about it too... So interesting the same filter with one image is Ho Hum and the next image is really good... I guess that's the fun of creating puzzles... Gotta see what's next... Ava lovely Jigidi/Doodle day... :) :)))))))


Hey, Pumpkin... Your trip is looking really good... Lovely places to hike and great views... Your photos are a real treat... Glad you enjoyed the puzzle... Have fun out there.... :) :) :)))


Thank you, Edie for the sweet words... I have one of HeyJude's big smiles on my early morning face... We're going to start the daily lemon water drink, as soon as we get some fresh lemons... Probably Monday... Any extra advise? I went to the web site and read a lot of the comments... Very interesting, if this helps in half those areas mentioned... Yippee... The only thing I wasn't sure about was, if it was OK to add a little sugar (In my case Splenda)... Thanks for the tip and the link... Try not to ruffle any feathers today.... LOL :) :) :)


Thanks, Snooker... I thought the center circle looked liked a Mayan calendar at first... You know me gotta have the bright... Glad you liked it.... :) :) :))))


I love this Sally, and a lovely surprise too, (a filter I've just found again) Thanks Mate :):)


I agree with Snooker. The puzzle takes on a different (but good) quality when solved. Like it both ways.


Reminds me of those puzzles where you have to turn the rings to make them line up into a picture.The surprise would be that they don't line up into anything. LOL. Thanks Sally, you make such cool puzzles :-)))

The thumbnail made me think of Native American quill work. It is very striking and bright.