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Frequency of Tornadoes by State

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I posted this because tornado season is almost upon us...although there can be tornadoes any time, any where.


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That would explain a lot, though trish! At least I would have an excuse for goofiness.


Very interesting Laura. You have hurricanes & we have cyclones here in Australia. I've experienced one bad cyclone when we lived in north Queensland & now I live further south we get the rain depressions from them, & that causes our bad floods.


morris, you frightened me, i thought you had said you had been through several windshields! whew! don't mind me, i am a bit dyslexic, but it leads to funny consequences.

Wind shears are bad enough. i remember one at DFW that dropped the big jumbo jet short of the runway. sigh. not pretty either.


Your comments of where you live and what you've experienced are interesting. Glad you're all safe. Just stay that way, please, and keep your eye to the sky. Punkie, no driving really fast.


I used to live in deep red Kansas. Saw lots of tornados, but only saw Oz once.


I now know which states to drive through REALLY FAST!!!


I know what ya mean I am 40 miles from the Missouri line in IL and have seem many outside even over head.


Living in Missouri less than five miles from the Kansas border, I have seen my fair share, too. We are coming up on two years since the EF-5 tornado that wiped out about one third of Joplin, Mo. I pray to never see anything like that again. Sherry


Been through several wind shears.


Yikes, you said yikes. That's rather funny.


That is great information. As a Canadian, we always hear the news of tornados in USA. We are lucky that there are not many in our area.


well I am in Michigan and have been through 5 of them and when I was in the Navy I went through 3 Hurricanes.....Lucky I was...........


No wonder there is nothing in Kansas that is taler then a man. It all blew into South Dakota.
You were lucky Trish when I lived in Texas we were lucky nuff to have three.


Lyndee...As a fellow member of your state...double yikes!

Fodus, I am happy to hear you are in the gray area!

Trish, that must have been very scary!


thank you laurajane! i have lived in Texas for all but 11 years of my life, and had never seen any real tornadoes (little dust devils are similar, but don't count). I have always thought that Texas was tornado alley, but i see from this, that is just not the whole story. The first tornado i witnessed was in Mountain View (SF Bay area) as it passed over the road (it was breaking apart) about a mile ahead of me, having struck 2 blocks from my house! I was stuck/parked in 5 o'clock traffic!


I live in a gray area and we've had one tornado. What an experience...don' t care for a repeat, thankyou.


Yikes! Don't like being in 3rd place! Nornally I love red, but in this case, I really like gray.