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Look, it's on fire!!

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55 solves
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They really have learned how to fight. No running or hiding anymore.
Bent's special effects are really getting more amazing every time. :))


Thank YOU whatnauts for following!!


I am relieved the Golden Boys have found a way out of this latest danger. Thanks for the fun, Hanne and Bent :))))))


Am I delighted to hear that, Ardy!! I heard all that I could find and it was SO nice!! He IS terribly charming and natural! Fresh! Wonderful!!


Loved your link, Hanne. I just spent several minutes reliving a beautiful movie and singable songs. Thank YOU so much.


It really makes it much better then, doesn't it??!! Thanks so very much Lela!!

gerdje, I'm not quite sure how much you know about this universe. The golden people live on an island watched by the Goddess who is on the hightst mountaintop. She sometimes helps them. The angel-woman as you call her was a messenger from her. Obviously the monster burns, but it might as well mean, that it is, as you say, sent to another dimension!! Thanks so very much!!!

I am surpriced that the nice angel-woman gives such a dangerous weapon in the hands of the boys . Of course ,they need it now I also see how dangerous the last monster looks.
But I hope, the wheel just send the monster in another dimension.
the colours are fantastic! thanks !!!


Hurrah!....I'd forgotten about the wheel-thingy also, as well, too!........


I think it was a very instinctive act from the golden boy. These people believe in magic and he just grabbed it, held it up and then it worked!!! Thanks so very much Patricia!!


Could do with a wheel like that and make some bad things disappear! Lucky little men. How did the guys know what the wheel was used for? Did I miss something or a comment along the way? In any case, I am glad that horrible creature has gone........


Thanks so VERY much Mandy!! I'm very pleased that you like it!!


How wonderfully resourceful. Thanks to you both :~)


You are SO welcome, just heard some songs from the H.C. Andersen movie, so sweet they are and so charming he was!! Thanks for giving me that pleasure, Ardy!!


Yes, I see. Thanks, Ben,t for knowing how it was done and thanks, Hanne, for relaying the information. :-))


I do understand your question, Bent says, that the first one got up, then the two others pushed-dragged the chest upwards, and then the first one shouted out, the second one looked up over the edge and the third one just stood on the ladder and tried to keep hold of the chest. Then everything happened very fast, the second and the third one suddenly got lots of strength, had the chest coming up and the first one took the "wheel" thing and held it up in the air!! You see??? Thanks so very much Ardy!!

That's why they needed it!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!

They really were lucky here, don't you think so?? Thanks so very much Robbie!!


How ingenious Hanne, good for them, climbed the ladder and rid of the mean green machine one time!! Thanks you and Bent.


Oh nice! That wheel thing is saving them. I forgot about that. Thanks Hanne.


So that's what is was for. Will it work more than once? And how did they get that chest up the ladder? You know me, always with the questions!!! Thanks, Hanne. You and Bent have very creative minds.