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icy shores of Lake Champlain

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I went on vacation many years ago there. Beautiful!


LOL laurajane! haha too funny


My avatar is ready to jump in!


Hi TS! thank you! just been busy and tired, tired, retired each day haha, will try to do better, hope all is well with you!


HI, Deb! I've missed you. Nice cold jig. Thanks!


hi CM! the air was not bad if out of the wind but the lake, well, let's just say I didn't want to find out just how cold it was! haha
hope all is well with you, thanks for commenting Sandy, always nice to see you!


welcome roseheather, thank you for sharing that! Burlington is across the pond from me, not far at all. I hope the puzzles brought back some good memories!
thank you for taking time to comment! really appreciate it!


Oh deb. That looks really cold.


Ah, Lake Champlain.

When I first noticed your posts you had something about the AuSable River and I was curious because ther is an AuSable River in Michigan near Grayling, as well as other MI landmarks. I was trying to figure out if you were posting about the MI river when I saw the NY on your screen name. It was an "ah,ha" moment. ; ) Funny I hadn't noticed that before.

Lake Champlain is more familiar to me from the Vermont side. My sister and her family lived at Burlington, VT and my nephew went onto the water there in a small boat/canoe which he still uses with his sons in the Rochester area of NY.

I have noticed a similarity between your puzzles and PLG's and so I see she has commented on this one. I feel sandwiched between the two of you, geographically, I live in southern MI.


hi laurajane, yes not quite as inviting when it is hot out and nice cool green leaves all around! haha love your penquin!


Hi Patti, thank you! happy you liked it! nice to see you stopping in!


Looks cold and uninviting. Great shot, deb!


Beautiful, Deb! Thanks!


ok thanks two, I'm going to check. I looked the other night but it was empty.
hope Roy and Dale speed things up pretty soon..this is the longest stretch between clutches I think?


the lake usually warms up late summer lyndee, usually pretty nice in the Fall too
thanks for asking


Anxious for them to return Deb. But good news at Owlceanside: one of the owls was inside all day (still there I think). My belief is it is Syd. Look a the possible red cut on her talon.


Nice picture Deb. Do that lake ever get warm?


Thanks Two! it was pretty nice out, if we weren't in the wind!
Say, what's up with Roy and Dale? kind of dragging their talons aren't they?
thanks for stopping in !


Nice pix, Deb. Hope you wore your hat and gloves taking the photo.!


hi PH, er ah I mean Rudolph! care for a dip? haha yes it looks wicked cold!
hope you are having a good week! thanks for stopping in


Water looks cold!