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Brotherly Love

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I don't know if this will make a good puzzle but I had to post it. I just love this picture. If only the world could learn this simple gesture. I wanted to share it with everyone.


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It looks like it. Maybe the author sat back when finished and saw a beautiful picture and wrote it in as a thank you for the talent that was given to them.


I just LOVE this picture as well! I have 2 young grandsons and it is reminiscent of them. Thank you so much for sharing taunteanna. I wonder about the "praise and glory". Was it added after?


love it - thanks. allie

It was an adorable picture and I certainly enjoyed working the puzzle. Thanks for posting.


I just finished my own puzzle and to my surprise in the one of the grass reeds to the left is written praise and glory! Wow. Never saw that when I posted it.

Adorable picture and makes a great puzzle. Thanks so much for sharing, anna.