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Hi June, I just found your message, sorry:-) Oh dear, sounds like we are pretty much in the same boat, June. I've been ok the last few days, but I'm coughing a bit today, I might ring the hospital and see if one of the Physios can give me some 'cupping' its the only thing that really starts the phelgm moving. Gees Linctus stops me coughing, but that not the best thing either, just dealing with a symptom isn't it.

My O2 was 97 last time, on air and thats good for me. Thats pretty high for your pulse, June, I haven't been quite that high and yes, I realise the harm that can be done to my organs if I don't use Oxygen. I rather think they will insist when I do need it, well I hope so anyway.

I think the house is pretty much organised. Our gardener, and the real estate lady, with her husband are all come to paint, together with Len and people from the church, then they'll put the kitchen in, make another closet,put the nets up, put the carpet done and we should be ready to move in, and... get this, the real estate lady says she always cooks tea for people when they have either bought or sold through her. So we have chosen sapasui with taro and maybe palasami, with pineapple tart to follow, how does that sound?

Almost 1:30am, time for bed, well I might do a few more puzzles. Yes we'll stay warm together eh! goodnight dear friend - hugs from here too.


so sorry to hear this Phyllis, hope you aren't having any fires and smoke. I get about 88 on air and 98 on oxygen. I wouldn't have it if I could do without and had it for about ten months before I used it much. thing is it isn't just for your lungs but for all of the organs, specially the heart. Had a heart do today when we were out for lunch, had to sit there twiddling my thumbs for 20 minutes till it went back to normal. My pulse was 173, happens two or three times a week but was more before I was on oxygen all the time. I do hope your family will be taking care of the move if you get a new house. I'll stay warm if you stay cool lol, hugs.


Hi June, I've bookmarked this to do tomorrow. I've just come out of hospital. Had five nights there with a bad chest again [Oxygen sats 79, am now up to 92 on air, more with oxygen of course] I thought about you when I was there, and more so when they said that maybe I need to have the oxy. at home now. I have said no, for the time being, but I have no doubt the day will come. We are going to look at a house tomorrow, it looks good on paper!

How are you? Stay warm won't you - Blessings from here - Phyllis