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Sue and Cheryl 092813

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At last! Sue finally made it to Vermont. We had a great afternoon but the foliage was less than spectacular.


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Aww...this is great! I am happy to see that you gals met face-to-face. I am sure you had a blast together. Thanks for sharing the photos.


Glad to see you both. Thanks for sharing this photo. Last time I was in Vermont was about two years before I know about Jigidi. Doubt I'll ever be there again as my friends moved to California. They were in Barre.


Two Jigidi members are in my KnitWits group at Culvers. They got started there because of me. One joined the forum but is on Facebook and playing CandyCrush all the time when she's not knitting. I also met Yemhabiba (Lisa) a few years ago. She also lives near me. Rosie and I have talked of getting together. Maybe when I get back from this trip. Tomorrow I'm meeting Joyce for lunch. I'm loving this!


What a lovely photo ~ I am so happy to see both of you !!! We should have an annual Jigidi convention (or maybe every 2 years) ! :-D


Thanks for your comments, friends. Sue, I really liked that photo of you and Josie. Suzy, I don't drive any more, but I haven't given up that you and I are going to meet some day, some way. Hugs, Josie.


Josie posted a photo with her and me in her front yard today. Check under Josiescorner. So I have been able to meet 2 more Jigidis. That's 6 so far, waiting to win the lottery to go meet some more!! LOL


SWEET!!!! The foliage is nothing compared to meeting each other!
What a great photo, Cheryl. You look terrific, and how super you are up to doing little trips! :)
The two of you look like true jigidi buddies!


Glad you had some time together, too bad about the ticket, he was waiting for you. Hugs to both.


Thanks Pat! We did see better foliage Sunday than Saturday but it was not typically spectacular. Oh well, Mother Nature probably doesn't feel very inclined to entertain us lately considering how we abuse her planet. We had a wonderful visit regardless of all else.


So nice to see a lovely photo of you both! Thanks for sharing it with us! :-)))


Yes, it was more colorful today. As Cheryl said, we saw some wonderful purples and pinks at dusk. Really fun, a great day. Glad I filled the gas tank on my way over, LOL (If you're in the group, you can read my version of our long day and understand the gas joke)


Thanks to all of you many friends. Today we went to Smuggler's Notch. The foliage to the north was better than near my home, but still anything but a spectacular year. We did see some lovely views of the mountains to east as the sun set to the west turning the sky pink and the mountains shades of lavendar, mauve and purples. I wish the foliage had been better and that Sue could have stayed longer. Gail, I am so eager to see you. You will find some nice foliage near Stowe.


Ohhh, this is just THE photo!!! SO wonderful to see the two of you together!! Do hope you had a splendid afternoon today too!! Thanks so very much for posting Cheryl!!


Being a new member, I never realized just how strong the friendships become here. :D What a wonderful thing. Glad you were able to get to beautiful New England, Sue, & spend time with Cheryl. Lots & lots of great pictures are expected. Safe travels.


What fun!!! Glad you FINALLY got to visit in person! Thanks ;-)))))


Great picture, wish I could have driven up there to meet with both of you! Big hugs! :)))


I am glad you posted a photo, Cheryl. I am not going to try till I am home. Do feel free to post some of the bridge photos too. I sure didn't realize the sun was that bright. But we sure look happy together. Can't wait to visit again this afternoon.


Hi to you both! So pleased for you that you can get together - just wish some of us lived closer or had a mate with a Lear jet LOL. Enjoy!


Don't you two look happy, glad you met. Hey Octy Sue gets down to Florida any day now


You look WONDERFUL, Cheryl! How exciting for both of you. Isn't Jigidi grand? That so many people lately are meeting and greeting, all around the world, and so many lifelong friends have been made, all courtesy of a jigsaw puzzle site based in Denmark. I've met three Jigidiers, and it's been wonderful. I hope to meet some more at some point if they ever get down to Florida. Happy travels with you and Gail.


hi there- it's nice to see you in person!
char- frauhugs- chado63- madebychar. i am having an identity crisis!!!!!


It's great to see the two of you together. Have a great visit.


I'm so excited for you two. See you in a few days, Cheryl. I'll email you tomorrow about more definite (?) timing. We will be on vacation you know, so definite timing probably is a misnomer.


Thanks Queenbee and Jill! We had hoped to do this for the past three years. I met Sue's nephew Bill also. Hugs back to you Jill.


YEA!!!! You guys did it! I am so, so, glad that you were able to get together in person. I can only imagine the reunion. I am so happy for you both. ((Hugs)) and ((Hugs)). ... ~Jill


So nice to see you both!! :)


If you have never seen a picture of either of us - Sue is on the right. The weird thing on Cheryl's face is an oxygen tube.