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100 pieces
171 solves
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Boy, Kathy, you're going to make my head swell. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. I almost didn't post it at all because, when I was playing around with textures, it turned the bottom half of the photo nearly all red, even though it wasn't like that in its original iteration. So now I'm really glad I posted it.


Well, I just finished this size too and had a blast. Thank you so much again LOL I don't think I have ever done a small size and liked it so much that I did it again in a larger size :-))))))))


I thought of it, but decided not to. I wasn't sure if I'd wake your roommate. If you see me online, you're always free to call me. I thought I'd send you an email when we're ready to talk. Would you prefer something else? With my hours, I just never know when to call someone. Is it safe to call you if I see you're on Jigidi no matter the time?

Jan, after 139 solves, you're still on the board, albeit at #2. I think it's safe to say you'll remain on the board. You can't fool me, lady, I know you're ultra-fast.


Gail, you should have called. I couldn't sleep. The clouds were rolling in, so I had my usual setback during weather changes. However, Jigidi keeps me sane and happy. Didn't feel like creating, but i did collect some more fills. I'll teach you how to do that too. Weeeeee....


WOW! Wonderful puzzle, Gail! LOVED it! Fun! Fun! Fun! THANK YOU!
And, after 94 solves, I am number 1. How it happened I have no idea. how long it will last? Probably minutes, but it was sure fun!


You're so welcome, Judy. It's the least I can do for all the hours of enjoyment you've given me with my puzzles. You're up late. Can't sleep? I'm wide awake and eager to start solving puzzles.


Gail, this was a terrific puzzle to solve. I loved the design and the bright colors to guide me. Thanks for a wonderful time.