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Gourds for Fall! *links to other sizes inside

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Thanks, Hanne - I really appreciate it. It's been good, sold, hard work. Trying to go slowly enough that it doesn't all sag later! (may be too late for that! LOL)


No, dear, it's 41½ and it's awfully much!! Congratulations, it's BRAVE!!!


Mariasha - I would never push anyone to make and post a puzzle unless they really wanted to! :D

Pat - the cornucopia sounds like a great display for your wood stove. What a wonderful idea!!

Kirsten - I am glad you liked the gourds. Hope your vaca is going splendidly! :D))


Great puzzle, Jan! I love your gourd kaleidos!! And amazing work on the weight loss. Well done you. What a woman!! I bet you've never felt better. And that's what it's all about, eh?

And can I join in the chorus for Mariasha to brave buying another camera, so she can share with us her art and craft? C'mon Mariasha. You know we can be very persuasive and persistent, when we want to be. Just ask Ardy! LOL


These are so beautiful--I love ornamental gourds, and usually fill a straw cornucopia with them for a display on the wood stove (while it's off, of course!). If I get lucky, they will dry out inside and not rot, and they'll look wonderful all winter! (6:08) Darn!

I would, but I don't have a camera...pathetic, I know. The last two cameras I had got stolen, and it sort of took the steam out of it for me.


That sounds like an incredibly creative thing to do. Now I am going to have to look at those books. Inlaying would add a dimension that could be very beautiful. Please, oh please post a puzzle if you do this, Mariasha!!! I know you don't normally post, but this might be a wonderful thing to share with us.....

It's interesting how the gourds all have nubs on them, and the kaleidos all came out a bit nubby too. I'm partial to the bottom middle star. You already think I do so many crafty things...but I'll risk it and say that I have dabbled in gourd crafting...and the reason I tell you this, is that you would love the images that are in the several books I have on the subject of carving, wood-burning, and painting on gourds. I hope to tackle a few gourds this winter...I have ideas about trying to inlay rocks, shells, etc. in grooves I'll make with a dremmel tool. Check out books by Summit & will be amazed.


You are so welcome, PJ!

Barb - I'm doing it for YOU. (well, for a few others, too, but you were the one who convinced me!)

Hanne - A huge speech balloon! Wow!
And, this holiday season will be a real challenge to those of us watching our food intake. I am at 83 pounds lost ( is that about 38 kilos?) and I am NOT going to put on a pound over the fact, I am going to try to lose!


Yes, Jan! We are approaching "big food season" and "for heavens sake eat more that you can" season. Christmas "lunches" are slowly starting up and above all the country you can see - in December mostly - a huuuuge speech balloon with a huuuuge BURP! These are lovely Jan, thanks so very much!!


Another great puzzle, Jan. As Ardy says, please keep it going for as long as possible. :-))


Glorious puzzle - thanks for the small size.


Thank you, Ardy. Gourds really are unusual, aren't they?


Absolutely gorgeous and the gourds themselves are exquisite. Thanks, Jan, Glad you can keep us in fall until at least Thanksgiving!!


Link to the 49 pc puzzle:

Link to the 225 pc puzzle: