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Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box

35 pieces
147 solves
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You have a fun weekend too pinknblack! Thanks!


Fodus, you are so lucky, and yes, they are meant to be shared. Your club members will enjoy them. Thanks for the sharing note.


I have 4 of them, but they are fancy at all. Still, in great shape. Going to use them for a decoration for Valentines Day at our club meeting.


If you ever see one, snag it. They are so hard to come by. I found one about a week ago, it is nice, but not as beautiful as this one. If you wanted to collect something fun, this would be a gone one. Have a nice weekend.


Beautiful, so very beautiful! I wonder what my husband would say if I suddenly started collecting these Vintage Valentines Day Chocolate Boxes? L.O.L. HHHHMMMM! Something to think about anyways! Thanks again pal...Monica